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Drink basil .Recipe with lemon and honey

All greetings.Well, summer is in full swing.I do not know about you, we have very hot.I want something cool.For example, a delicious ice cream or a cool drink.We just ate yesterday with the children ice cream and cooked a delicious cool drink.Today I want to share an unusual recipe for a drin...
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Useful than cheese

Today I want to talk about the cottage cheese.It is his love, hope, and many are here.Curd love since childhood, since my mother we perfectly cooked cottage cheese from cow's milk.It was incredibly tasty treat with fruit, berries, honey and jam.True jam we curd loves Dad, but I'm more with ho...
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Dried fruits compote.Uzvar .Benefits for children and adults .Recipe

Hello dear readers.Today, I suggest to talk about this tasty and healthy drink, a compote of dried fruits.In today's world we are increasingly give preference to tea, coffee and carbonated beverages.Last time I was thinking about my great-grandmother, and yet it was a drink compote of dried f...
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Sesame oil

Hello dear readers.Do you like sesame seeds?Last time I use them in cooking.The dishes with the addition of sesame seeds turn out unusual and interesting.Sesame adds some zest.And recently I bought a bottle of sesame oil.Oil bought at the fair in our town.I already bought the olive oil, very ...
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What to drink in the heat

Hello dear readers.Before the summer a few days left.I do not know about you, but we have very hot, especially during the day.Not many people tolerate heat.But we need to somehow adapt to the sultry days.Summer, heat, the sea, the sun, the beach ... It is with these words we associate summer....
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