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Terms of first aid in fractures

right to give first aid for fractures of almost 2-fold reduces the number of possible complications.In some cases, first aid for fractures saves man's life in the truest sense of the word.This is the case of open types of bone fractures in which there may be heavy bleeding due to damage to the...
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First aid for fractures of ribs

broken ribs - one of the most common injuries in the chest.Rib fractures are common enough at any age - damage to the bony structures of the chest is approximately 16 per cent of the total number of fractures.The trauma of this kind are not uncommon, but it is quite a high level of danger to t...
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Fractures : types, symptoms and first aid

The composition of the adult human skeleton consists of more than two hundred bones (in infants are more, but then some of the bones are fused).And each of the bones can be broken.Can you imagine how many types of fractures and first aid techniques to be learned medical students?Of course, the...
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First aid for poisoning gas

There are several types of gas poisoning.The most commonly found in household carbon monoxide poisoning due to improper operation of heating equipment used for heating and bath house.Also, exposure to carbon monoxide can be carried out in the preparation of vegetable storage underground type a...
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First aid for food and alcohol poisoning

Food poisoning is divided into bacterial and toxic species.It should be isolated from these life-threatening conditions intolerance to certain foods and dyspepsia, which develops against the background of a reduced secretory function of the pancreas and bile deficiency.The most common food poi...
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Signs and assistance in cases of poisoning by carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning is extremely dangerous for human life and health.Without first aid in cases of poisoning by carbon monoxide may be fatal.The fact that the gas comes into contact with hemoglobin and blocks the transmission of oxygen into tissue cells, and this leads to hypoxia (hypoxi...
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Poisoning : types, symptoms , first aid

At the initial stage symptoms of poisoning of any kind occur the same way: a person is experiencing pain in the stomach, vomits, there is dizziness and indigestion.Further, depending on the type of poisoning respiratory failure may occur up until it stops.How to help in case of poisoning until...
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Poisoning poisonous mushrooms : symptoms and first aid

If a person has positioned himself as an experienced mushroom picker poisoning poisonous mushrooms it is not threatened.But what if you go to the forest to the "quiet hunt" really want, and the relevant knowledge are missing?Then show your "catch" more experienced mushroom pickers, and only th...
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Poisoning by petroleum products and their vapors

poisoning petroleum - one of the worst kinds of intoxication.Dangerous both types of poisoning - and by inhalation, and by ingestion of oil through the mouth into the esophagus.Toxic dose gasoline, kerosene or diesel fuel at intake is from 20.0 to 50.0 mL.A lethal dose of benzene (xylene, to...
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Poisoning with poisonous plants : the symptoms and first aid

poisoning poisonous plants are no less dangerous than poisoning poisonous mushrooms.Of course, these berries nobody eats specifically - can only be poisoned by ignorance.Therefore, doctors sometimes difficult to diagnose the causes of stomach ailments, as most poisoned can not even remember th...
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