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Symptoms and causes of hemorrhoids in women.Preventing hemorrhoids

bleeding during bowel movements, rectal itching and pain - all symptoms of hemorrhoids.Studies show that most women suffer from mild to moderate degrees of this disease. Hemorrhoids occurs defeat of hemorrhoidal veins of the rectum and subsequent varicose.It is therefore important to identi...
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External hemorrhoids - treatment , folk remedies , ointments for hemorrhoids

Modern methods of treatment of external hemorrhoids include local and general therapy, including physiotherapy and treatment of topical drugs.In most cases, doctors prefer to treat external hemorrhoids without surgery, if the patient no acute complications. One of the key factors for hemorr...
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Choose from hemorrhoids ointment - heparin , Relief , vishnevskogo

Hemorrhoids - is pathological changes located in the lower part of the rectum, so it must be treated immediately.Ointments for hemorrhoids give a good therapeutic effect - reducing pain, itching, burning. Just note that self-medicate hemorrhoids is not only effective, but also dangerous.Wit...
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How to cure hemorrhoids at home - tested folk remedies

Hemorrhoids is dangerous not only for his discomfort, but serious complications: bleeding, blood clots and tissue necrosis.In this article we will look at how to treat hemorrhoids at home. According to statistics, today the disease affects about 10% of the population, and some sources claim t...
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