Eye Diseases

Gymnastics for the eyes : for children with myopia and hyperopia

modern rhythm of life causes our body to work almost maximum loads.Not deprived of these loads, and our eyes.Work at the computer, television, the huge volume of daily information ... All this leads our eye fatigue and strain.Overvoltage muscles and ligaments of the eyeball can be accompani...
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Redness of the eyeball - causes and treatment

Virtually every one of us is faced with the phenomenon of redness eyeball .Moreover, it does not look very aesthetically pleasing, so also brings some discomfort.Of course, the disease should be treated, but first a good idea to find out the reasons for its occurrence. Causes redness eye...
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How to treat a stye .Ointments and medications from barley .

Morning explicitly set when you wake up and your eyes can not open due to the fact that there was barley on an eye - on the upper or lower eyelid formed red inflammation area and edema Barley occurs in violation of the rules of hygiene in the backgrounda weakened immune system.The reasons l...
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