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Protrusion of the cervical spine - symptoms, treatment , symptoms

How to treat cervical spine protrusions ?Definitely at the first suspicion, evidence of this disease, you should go to the neuropathologist (neurologist), which after examination prescribe a course of therapy, including the following methods. Reducing signs of the disease is carried out b...
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Herniated lumbosacral spine

herniated disc (prolapse) occurs in violation of the functionality of the fibrous ring, which then moves the disc nucleus.As a result of this action compressed nerve root, which entails the distribution of the inflammatory focus in the surrounding tissues. Causes of herniated lumbar-sacral...
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Herniated lumbar spine treatment , symptoms, signs

Intervertebral herniation of the lumbar spine can develop at any level of this segment, but in most cases they are found between 3 and 4, 4 and 5 lumbar vertebrae.It is in this area the pressure on cartilage maximum weave, and that contributes to the development of the disease. Extrude inte...
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SHmorlja Herniated lumbar spine - treatment , symptoms

hernia SHmorlja represent dysplasia and punching intervertebral disc into the adjacent vertebra.This disease often characterized by specific symptoms, as manifested by accident.Lumbar hernia caused by the high load on the lumbar vertebrae and can cause paralysis. How hernia occurs SHmorlja...
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The symptoms of herniated lumbar , cervical , thoracic

Intervertebral hernia - a fairly widespread, heavy and extremely unpleasant manifestation of osteochondrosis.There it is in people of working age - between thirty and fifty years, more frequently in men. disease in children is congenital, and in old age, it almost does not occur, as in this ...
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Umbilical hernia in adults symptoms and treatment , photo

Visual protrusion of abdominal wall and adjacent organs, mainly through the umbilical ring is called an umbilical hernia . Hernia umbilical adults - symptoms Content 1 Hernia umbilical adults - symptoms 2 Umbilical hernia - Treatment The reasons can be listed below factors: ...
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