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Rupture of the ovary - find out the symptoms and causes of rupture

apoplexy (ovarian rupture) - a life-threatening condition of women, accompanied by massive bleeding and clinic "acute abdomen". Typically, ovarian rupture causes can be very different: the presence of cysts , inflammatory diseases in the genital organs, disrupting the operation of the ova...
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Rupture of the knee ligaments .The symptoms , the treatment , photo

most common type of injuries of the musculoskeletal system of man is to break the knee ligaments. ligaments themselves perform a very important function: fix the tibia to the femur. total group of the knee ligament consists of: patellar ligament external lateral ligament internal l...
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Inguinal hernia in men - symptoms, treatment , consequences

Inguinal hernia - a loss of abdominal organs beyond it.It appears due to the weakness of the wall and the expansion of the inguinal canal.Inguinal hernia never runs by itself, its appearance must be accompanied by mandatory treatment to the doctor. The disease in men occurs five times more ...
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Rupture of ligaments of the ankle joint , the effects of treatment , photo

Due to the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the human body, the ankle is forced every day to experience enormous stress and withstand all the weight of our body.Therefore, it is in this articulation occurs torn ligaments of the ankle joint - is one of the most frequently traum...
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