Diseases Of The Eye

How to cure retinal burn eyes : the traditional and folk methods

One of the most sensitive organs in man are his eyes.Any breach in their work face serious trouble, and so should be in every way to protect them, and at the slightest damage to carry out the necessary treatment. fairly common eye disease is a retinal burn, which if not properly and tim...
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How to prevent glaucoma : effective measures

Glaucoma is a very common disease that can affect eyesight and adults and even babies.Under this diagnosis lie developing degenerative processes in the optic nerve, which is accompanied by a significant increase in pressure inside the eye. There is a disease in different clinical for...
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How to recognize and treat blepharospasm

Approximately 16 to 133 people per million suffer from blepharospasm.But many do not have any idea about this disease.Blepharospasm - is arbitrary bilateral recurrent twitching eyelids due to spasm of the circular muscles.The disease does not lead to death of the patient, but because of...
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All of retinitis pigmentosa

we can see, evaluate and distinguish objects around us - cognition of the world for the most part made at the expense of.Eyes - a very vulnerable organ, and there is a large list of diseases that can strike his name.It's about a rare but serious disease called retinitis pigmentosa, whic...
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