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Tincture of clover for vascular health

Contents: unique composition ideal raw What is the secret of therapeutic "clover" effect? Recipes infusions in vascular diseases Contraindications In modern recipes of traditional medicine infusion of clover is not uncommon.Popular as a forage plant today appreciated and as a ...
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Like aspirin, affects the pressure

Contents: little about history studies means of influence to pressure Aspirin in diseases of the cardiovascular system Contraindications What is the most known medicine?Of course, the aspirin.This means more than half a century, is known for its antipyretic, anti-inflammatory a...
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Medications to lower blood pressure

Contents: habit of old medicines Requirements for modern antihypertensives thiazide diuretics and a number of sulfonamides group of β-blockers Group angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) receptor blockers angiotenzina-2 (Sartan) calcium channel blockers group of antihypertensi...
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Tablets from the Equator pressure

Contents: Active components and pharmacokinetics on dosage regimen instruction, release forms Contraindications and side effects Analogs «Equator» during pregnancy Overdose Appointment treatment The escape of high pressure?This issue is of concern to many people prone to ...
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How to apply Sodekor to raise platelet

Contents: At what level of platelets should start to sound the alarm? What are the indications and contraindications for receiving Sodekora? How often and in what dosage to take the drug The pharmacological effect is caused Sodekora? Reviews of preparation Sodekor platelets - ar...
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