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Upper and lower blood pressure

Contents: Top BP Lower blood pressure What should be the difference between the upper and lower pressure Conclusion blood pressure - it is an important indicator of the state of the blood vessel system and healthwhole.Most often, speaking of pressure, mean arterial blood when t...
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Myocardium and its diseases

Contents: How does the muscular system heart What does the mass of the myocardium mechanism heartbeat What affects the contractility of the process? Properties myocardial infarction Types defeat Features myocarditis Violations of myocardial metabolism When a myocardial hype...
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The rate of heart rate in children and adults

Contents: What is the difference in heart rate by pulse Norma When changes Causes of tachycardia and bradycardia How to measure maximum heart rate Conclusion heart rate - the number of heartbeatsper unit time (typically per minute).It is believed that the heart rate - is ...
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The aortic valve of the heart and its diseases

Contents: anatomical structure How does aortic valve Congenital alterations of the aortic valve Acquired defects Pathological changes in lesions of the aortic valve place butterfly valve including the aortic defects As shown valvular insufficiency role in the formation of the...
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Normal blood pressure in humans

Contents: What is "blood pressure┬╗ norms by age What BP is considered normal norm in pregnant norm in children and adolescents How to measure Conclusion Blood pressure (BP) - an important indicator of health.It does not happen all the time, and the same can fluctuate thro...
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