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Darsonval for varicose veins

Contents: How is What does the treatment darsonval Contraindications Opinion doctors Conclusion Varicose veins - one of the most common diseases.The most common pathological process affects the lower extremities vessels.An effective treatment that can get rid of this disease,...
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Drug treatment of varicose veins on the legs

Contents: Basic requirements for drug treatment of varicose veins Group flebotonikov drugs group promoting blood thinning Anti-inflammatories Medicines for external use Varicose veins brings much trouble to their "owners. "Pain, swelling in the legs because of the sagging vei...
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Sclerotherapy for varicose veins

Contents: What happens when the vein sclerotherapy and ablation? Species sclerotherapy This shows the ablation and sclerotherapy? What refers to the contraindications? whether the effect compare with laser therapy? What you need to do before the procedure? How is sclerotherapy on y...
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How to remove the spasm of blood vessels of the head

Contents: How to change the power supply? value in the treatment regime drugs Treatment Treatment physiotherapy methods What can you do at home? What folk ways of benefiting from the spasm? dangerous consequences of vasospasm spasm of cerebral vessels, doctors refer to both ...
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High Pressure Treatment of folk remedies

Contents: Needless to treat high blood pressure folk remedies Folk remedies General recommendations Conclusion High blood pressure - a common phenomenon in our time.If blood pressure remained stable at high elevations and is not reduced without drugs, the diagnosis "hypertensio...
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Sclerotherapy - a safe method for the treatment of varicose veins

Contents: The method What are the advantages of the method? This shows a method of treatment? When sclerotherapy is contraindicated Types procedures What medications are used for the purpose of sclerotherapy? How to prepare for the procedure? As the procedure is carried out? Wh...
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Methods for removal of spider veins on the legs

Contents: Who can I contact? removal methods How to behave after procedures Contraindications reviews about removing spider veins on the laser legs Treatment folk remedies leg exercises Prevention Conclusion Capillary mesh on the body oftenIt appears in women, and the ...
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Laser coagulation of varicose veins of the lower extremities

Contents: How diagnosed varicose veins? Indications and contraindications How to prepare for the procedure? How is the treatment? What you need to go through the procedures? What are the advantages and disadvantages of laser treatment? How is the recovery after the procedure? Revi...
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What if heart palpitations and shortness of breath

Contents: When you need to enroll a doctor reasons What to do first How to treat Conclusion Irregularities in heart operation in the form of palpitations and lack of air had to experienceeverything.This happens in healthy people with strong excitement, fright and other emotio...
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