How to remove stretch marks from the body?

Unfortunately, we can not always control his life.And as a result of any event (eg pregnancy), our body is gaining excess weight, it dramatically loses them, because of what the body there are numerous extensions to the chest, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

From stretch marks have appeared, many women have complexes.They begin to be ashamed of her body on the beach and try to avoid sexual contact with men.But there are some strips of these victims?Of course not.We recommend that you do not grieve about this, and to take various measures to correct them.Is it possible to remove stretch marks?And what are the most effective methods?

Home Remedy stretch marks on the body

worth noting that remove stretch marks at home can be used only if the striae "young" and care will be carried out every day."Old" stretching almost never be adjusted.Even with the use of expensive creams, they still remain.But if you can make them less visible means of home remedies.Th

erefore we proceed.

most popular and effective way to remove stretch marks in the home - a mummy.Shilajit is a natural drug that is used to treat many diseases.But today it is used as a cosmetic, as it perfectly regenerates and rejuvenates the skin.

Home remedies of stretch marks on the body

To make money from home mummy from the stretch, you will need:

  • 2 - 3 tablets mummy;
  • baby cream;
  • warm boiled water.

Take mummy and fill them with a tablespoon of warm water.Stir until the tablet is completely dissolved, and then connect them to the children's cream.Pick up the ingredients "by eye".As a result, you should get a creamy mixture of brown.

Thus a cream should lubricate the problem areas daily.Attention!The tool is absorbed very long time, so do not wear clothing after application.And another very important point, the tool should not be used after the birth, as the baby may not like the smell and he would not take the breast.

Another tool that is very good to deal with stretch marks at home - use scrubs.Prepare them as easily at home.There are two kinds of homemade scrub - coffee and sweet and salty.

Coffee scrub made from ground coffee and softening ingredient, a role which may be any vegetable oil or shower gel.Sweet and salty scrub made from sugar, salt and vegetable oil.All ingredients are taken in equal proportions.

Coffee scrub

these scrubs is necessary each day to massage the problem areas while taking a shower.They will gradually grind the skin and stretch marks begin to leave.Such tools can be used during pregnancy and lactation, as they are completely safe and do not cause allergic reactions.

other means to deal with stretch marks

completely remove stretch marks do not get on their own.They can be made less noticeable.But for the complete elimination of stretch marks is necessary to use other methods.Laser removal of stretch marks is the most secure and at the same time the most effective method, but expensive.

However, given that in the end, after such procedures the skin becomes smooth, flat and taut, it covers its cost.The more that the same effect as laser removal of stretch marks, does not give any other method.

Video on how to eliminate stretch marks on the body

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