How to prepare a liquid brown

Bioadditive "liquid chestnut" has nothing to do with the usual fruit of common plants that we encounter at every step in the park or park, and on country roads.Of course, these brown beads have useful properties, but for now we will not talk about them.

What is brown liquid?

Its fruits grow in distant Brazil, comparable in size with coffee beans have no taste or odor releasing.Subsequently grind to powder, which we see on store shelves.

Liquid chestnut

The secret is the use of plants in the presence of guaranine component which brings positive changes in the body:

  • increases the secretory activity of the stomach;
  • Reduces appetite;
  • Improves digestion;
  • Accelerates metabolism and metabolism;
  • stimulates physical activity;
  • Eliminates fatigue and nervous tension;
  • Effectively reduces weight.

What is a brown liquid ?

How to prepare a liquid brown, and not cause side effects?

As already known, any drug overdose or misuse of its preparation may affect the body and cause an eating d


To avoid this, you need to remember two basic rules:

  1. Do not exceed the maximum rate allowed to use 1 hour per day l..preparation;
  2. Before beginning the introduction of additives in the diet, it is important to consult with a doctor to identify possible contraindications and to protect the body and unpleasant consequences.

Prepare liquid chestnut just

Special tricks in it no powder should be dissolved in any liquid, for example, in the morning allowed to add the drug in tea or milk porridge for dinner - soup or fruit drink, and in the evening to use in conjunction with yogurt or someor dessert.

permissible dose of 1 teaspoon per day, which is allowed to be divided into several portions, most of the liquid chestnut take in the morning, but the minimum dose - in the evening.

Prepare a brown liquid

Preparation: 0,5 liquid by half teaspoon of powder.Eat immediately after shaking, to keep in reserve the diluted composition is not necessary.

drink causes a surge of strength and vigor, so that after its use would be appropriate to engage in sports or other physical activities.If you are going to drink it in the evening before bedtime walk in the fresh air, perform a little jog, etc.

Let liquid chestnut charge you with energy for a variety of important things and give a beautiful, sunny mood!

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Liquid chestnut