About what disease show blue nails?

condition nails often does not depend on how the person caring for them.After all, there are situations when even if the regular holding of manicure and pedicure, nails do not become natural color, which may be a signal that there are serious pathological processes in the body.This may indicate a cyanotic color of nail plates, as in the hands and on the feet.What does the blue fingernails and whether there is a reason to visit the doctor?


If blue nail plate occurs only after exposure to the hands or feet cold temperatures, do not worry.In this case there is a narrowing of the blood vessels, which leads to the appearance of bluish color of nail plates.This phenomenon is temporary and disappears as soon as the body temperature returns to normal.

But if not just blue nail disappears for a few days or weeks, then it is a serious reason to consult a cardiologist.Since in this case, this symptom may indicate violation of the functionality of the cardiova

scular system.You will need to do an ECG to identify whether you have heart disease or not.

worth noting that the dark blue nail may occur as a result of injury.It can turn blue several nails, which are arranged next to each other.The rest of the nail plate in this case, retain a natural healthy color.


Removing the nail plate after the injury surgically is only a cardinal measure.Most often, experts recommend to their patients to wait until you grow a healthy nail.At the same time it should not mask the lacquers, as this slows down the process of growth of the nail plate and breaks in her metabolism, because the lacquer coating interferes with normal access of oxygen.Also blue nail plate may contribute to the use of poor-quality varnish dark shades.

If you observe a change in color not only nails, but fingers, it indicates poor circulation.The consequences of such violations can be tragic, and so you should seek immediate medical attention.

blue nails can also indicate the development of fungal infections.In this case, in addition to changing the color of nail plates observed their deformation and destruction.The same may occur itching and burning.Infection Treatment should be carried out using special drugs that prescribed by a doctor after a diagnosis.

most extensive information about changing colors of nail polish on the hands and feet gives us Oriental medicine.According to her, each finger are responsible for the functioning of a particular organ.Thus, the appearance of a blue arc on the little finger points to the development of heart disease.And the appearance of the blue on the other fingers may indicate a violation of the liver.If the nail plates are observed blue wells, it may be due to strong physical strain.

It should also be noted that the blue of the nail plate can occur after taking certain medications that affect the process of blood circulation in the body.The feet cyanosis of the nail plate can be a consequence of wearing uncomfortable, narrow shoes.

What if the nails were blue

What if turned blue nails?

Eliminate blue polish, of course, possible.But for this you first need to determine the cause of this disease.And without the help of a doctor to do you will not succeed.So the first thing you need to do is to visit a specialist and undergo a thorough examination to identify abnormalities.And if you show up, you need to take a course of treatment.

If serious diseases have not been found, it is likely, blue nail plates connected with blood circulation disorders.And in order to resolve this issue, you can own the house to take some measures to improve the blood flow.

To do this, you must first eliminate all possible negative factors that may cause blue nails.Namely:

  • during treatment refuse the use of paints and liquids for their removal;
  • fill the reserves of vitamins and minerals in the body (you can start taking vitamin complexes);
  • prevent the effect of cold temperatures on the nail plate (do not wash your hands in cold water, winter does not go out without gloves, etc.);
  • only wear comfortable shoes, preferably orthopedic.

to improve blood circulation in the nails, massages should be regularly carried out using essential oils that promote faster growth of the nail plate.This oil is lavender, orange, lemon and tea tree oil.They are applied in a small amount on each nail and begin to rub until the oil has completely absorbed.

In addition, a positive influence on blood circulation and various treatment baths.For their preparation, you can use a variety of ingredients.For example, you can use sea salt.It is in an amount of 1 tablespoondiluted in a liter of warm water, which is then lowered into the upper or lower limbs for 30 minutes.

What if the nails were blue

also at home you can make a douche, which strengthen the walls of capillaries, and normalizes the blood flow in them.To do this, you need to send a stream of water on nails, first cold, then hot.Changing the temperature of the water should occur sharply.Moreover, the impact of each of them shall be no less than 1 minute.Hot and cold water should be alternated for 10-15 minutes.

cyanotic shade of nail plates can be removed by a conventional lemon, which has bleaching effect.To do this, simply cut the fruit in half and treat them all the nail plates.After 20-30 minutes of hands or feet should rinse in warm water and lubricate with a nourishing cream, as lemon juice can penetrate the skin, leading to dryness and peeling.

If the reason you're blue nail was the injury, then immediately after its application to attach the finger cold compress.If the nail plate still got cyanotic hue, then you need to consult a surgeon.It is with the help of special tools eliminate the bluish nail plate, and in its place will soon grow new healthy nail.

Remember that nails - it is a "mirror" of your health.Any manifestation of them (bars, dimples, changing color, etc.) may signal health problems.Therefore, carefully inspect your nail plate on the hands and feet.

If you notice any signs of pathology, do not hesitate to visit a doctor.After all, it can lead to various complications, which have a negative impact on your health.

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