human urine is normal when it does not show up elements of the blood.Isolation of blood in the urine, and this phenomenon is called in medicine hematuria, may appear in many pathologies, but mainly in diseases of the genitourinary system, hematology, oncology and infectious diseases.

Causes of blood in the urine of men

One reason blood urinary excretion may be excessive physical activity, which in turn greatly increases the blood pressure.Under such stress, which gives the male organism more than twice a day, increasing renal blood flow and impaired renal glomeruli in filtrations.Also, the blood may appear in the urine, if a man received regular load, and then gave the body to fully relax.

more serious cause of hematuria is benign prostatic hyperplasia.This name refers to the development of glandular nodes in prostate tissue.This nodule grows and as it grows there is compression of the urethra and violation of urination.There are three stages of the disease, namely compensated, su

bcompensated and asthma.In the second stage of development of this disease is a man goes to the toilet very small portions.Thus there is no complete emptying of the bladder wall, and as a result of thickening.The color of urine in such a patient to a blood muddy addition.Sometimes the disease can manifest itself in the involuntary separation of a small amount of urine.At the third stage, the addition of these features to more and acute renal failure.The causes of this disease is still unclear.However, one of the assumptions is a hormonal shift.

Another reason for the appearance of blood in the urine is a disease such as prostate cancer.The disease manifests itself in the frequent urge to urinate, pain in the perineum, difficulty urinating, feeling the impossibility of emptying the bladder.When the tumor begins to grow over the next tissue and destroys the walls of blood vessels, this leads to the appearance of blood in urine.

Equally terrible is the cause of bladder cancer.Quite a long time, this disease can pass completely asymptomatic.However, the very first sign of cancer is just hematuria.This manifests itself in a bright red urine.Also may be present pain during urination, and increased urge occurs.The causes of bladder cancer in men are smoking and working with carcinogenic substances.

also causes the appearance of blood in the urine in men include urolithiasis.It is manifested in the deposition of salts in the renal papilla, which will soon solidify and as a result are formed stones.Also stones can buy infectious nature, if they are formed under the influence of bacterial metabolic products.This disease can occur without symptoms for a long time, but in the analysis of urine can detect small amounts of blood.If the stone has reached the big sizes, it naturally affects the urinary tract wall.With this development of the disease there is pain in the kidneys and urine already noticeable admixture of blood appears.

cause of kidney stones can be a small metabolic disorder, trauma or bone disease, severe dehydration, lack of exercise, bowel disease, urogenital tract and stomach, as well as vitamin deficiencies.

Besides blood in the urine may occur due to such illnesses as glomerulonephritis.This disease is an inflammation of the glomeruli in the kidney, which leads to an increase in their capacity function.The result appears in urine not only blood, but also the protein.Sometimes, some forms of the disease can be detected by accident when altered urine sample.If a man suffers from chronic glomerulonephritis, then it may appear limb edema, hydrothorax, ascites, and anasarca.

The reasons of occurrence of glomerulonephritis include congenital changes in the structure of the kidneys, systemic diseases, infectious diseases and malignant tumors in the kidney.

In addition to these causes of blood in the urine of the male can be identified also other reasons.These include a variety of kidney injury, urethra and bladder wall.Also, it can be hereditary blood diseases, which are accompanied by deficiency of clotting factors, anemia and other haematological diseases.In addition, the appearance of blood in the urine contribute to cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases, and violation of patency of the renal veins.

Often, blood in the urine is either the only or one of the first symptoms of serious illness.That is why if you notice at hematuria, consult a physician immediately to determine the cause of its occurrence.