Pubic lice - are parasitic insects that live on the human body (the genital area, the armpit, pubic area and abdomen, covered scalp). difference pubic lice (ploschits) from human head lice is that they can not be attached to the hair of the head, becausestructure does not allow the parasite to stay on the hair, having a circular cross section.

largest individual reaches a size of no more than two millimeters.Thanks to their dull gray coloring of the lice are not visible to the human skin.Often the presence of parasites found only at a reception at the doctor.Ploschitsy almost immobile tend to grow into the skin.The average life span of the parasite to 24 days, but in that short time they manage to leave behind a fairly large number of eggs.Comfortable temperature ranges from 30 to 38 degrees.

Ploschitsy survive only due to sucking the blood of its host, in the absence of food the lice are killed a day later.Surprisingly, while outside the human body lice can fall into suspended animation.There

is the ability of existence under thick layers of sand from 3 to 5 days, to withstand the pressure of 1 kg and stored under water to 2 days.

Multiplying the skin, pubic lice are the initiators of the appearance of pubic lice, or pediculosis pubis.In European countries, the disease is equivalent to an epidemic that infected mostly young population share.In the Russian Federation, the disease affects about 8% of the urban population.


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Causes infection pubic lice

pubic lice belong to the category of sexually transmitted diseases, but the infection can occur and contact-household ways in public places - bath, dormitories, swimming pools, barracks, solarium, etc.In addition, it is possible contamination as a result of poorly treated linen in trains or in hotels.

Once on the skin, lice are activated only after some time.The period from infection to detect signs of the day is an average of 30 days.First ploschitsa attached to the hair and partially penetrates the skin.With the help of the salivary glands secrete a special enzyme that makes the blood clot produced.A few days later the breeding process begins, and the female is able to defer from 5 to 10 eggs at a time.Nits, unlike adults, are able to live a fairly long period of time outside the host body, fixating on the towels, linens, and once on the skin tightly cling.This dangerous infection of children, especially if they sleep with adults wearing an infection.In this case, the parasites can settle on the eyelashes, eyebrows, and rarely on the head.

But mostly people aged adult pubic lice live in the pubic and genital areas of depressions.This part is located in more apocrine glands.It is directed at them smelling pubic lice.But this does not exclude the presence of them in places such as Ford, eyelashes and mustache.

Often, between the presence of sexually transmitted infections, and pubic lice observed relationship.In 30% of infected lice has chlamydia, trihonomiaz, mikroplazmoz or gonorrhea.This proves that a great probability to catch pubic lice - lead promiscuous.

Symptoms The main symptom of infection pubic lice - itching.It comes with the end of the incubation period, and is inherently accompanied by bleeding, which look like small blue spots.They dissolve rather quickly, and therefore the presence of parasites on the skin noticeably not once, especially with minimal anxiety itching.

duration of infection depends on the location of the parasites.Becausefirst they are attached to the base of the hair and remain motionless, with the growth of the hair, it is possible to understand how long infest pubic lice.

Barely visible black spots on their underwear so you can take it as a sign of infection.After all, this is a waste product of the lice.Sami ploschitsy become noticeable after the saturation of the blood, their color gets muddy - brown shade.Sores or blisters always appear after infection, in some cases, can lead to eczema.

Treatment of infection of pubic lice

During treatment is not recommended to resort to popular folk methods such as handling a kerosene or dusts, assuch methods are not always effective, besides it is not safe.Today's medicine offers a number of drugs that are able to completely destroy the parasites in a short time.Medicines can be purchased at any pharmacy after consulting a specialist.The effectiveness of drugs significantly increase after first removing the entire hair from intimate places.If this is not possible, you need hair treatment (hot water + vinegar).The procedure necessary to dissolve the adhesive with which the lice can be retained on the hair.

Thus necessarily need to disinfect the surroundings.Carpets and the furniture in the house, it is desirable to vacuum, and then processed protivoparazitalnym means.All linen should be boiled in a solution of baking soda and iron it on both sides.Those things, which is counter-wash, packed in a sealed plastic bag for two weeks.During this time, any remaining parasites die.After that you can do with clothes dry cleaned dry.


primary prevention measure - respect of personal and public hygiene.Everyday washing of the body, as well as laundry and clothing will not let settle down ploschitsam.

important in the prevention of a clarity in the sexual partner.Pediculosis, in most cases, apply as a result of physical contact, and is accompanied by other similar diseases.

immediately by doing the diagnosis of disease, time to see a dermatologist, making compulsory treatment of their permanent partner and observing the rules of hygiene, you guarantee yourself a speedy deliverance from the pubic lice and protect yourself from relapse.