Pediculosis - a problem associated with the parasitic insects that their mouthparts pierce the skin of its host, suck his blood and lays its eggs.The common people, these insects are all familiar nickname - lice. This problem is known in every corner of the world, since lice are very widespread and they appear to lack the elementary lack of hygienic prevention.Typically, these carriers are people insects and some animals, including pets.

When it comes to head lice parasitism on the human body, then, as a rule, there are three types of these insects: head lice, pubic lice and body lice.These types of lice entail three corresponding pediculosis varieties: pubic, head and wardrobe.Also there is the likelihood that these species form mixed pediculosis type, ie with the totality of symptoms of each subspecies of lice.

Head lice, based on the name, live in the hair on the head carrier.Unlike other subspecies of head lice, head lice do not fly or jump.Instead, they are able to move very quickly, whic

h greatly complicates the task of finding a human hair.

Pubic lice live in the pubic region of the medium, as well as in the armpits, eyelashes or eyebrows.For the normal functioning they need to eat fresh blood twice a day.When laying eggs, the female is very firmly attaches them to the hair, then rinse with water the eggs (another name - nits) is impossible.

body lice, in contrast to the pubic and head, not live on the human body.They lodge in the seams and folds of his clothes, and in contact with the carrier body directly only with the purpose of sustenance.Eggs are laid in secluded areas of clothing.

addition to the inconvenience caused by unbearable itching, lice can also cause much more serious symptoms, as they may be carriers of serious and severe diseases.


  • 1 reasons pediculosis
  • 2 symptoms of pediculosis
  • 3 Methods of dealing
  • 4 prevention pediculosis

reasons pediculosis

lice problem known to mankind for a long time.This is proved even historically, as has repeatedly been the writings of ancient historians of the ancient Egyptians struggle with these insects.Also, especially acute flare of the disease is very clearly manifested in times of war and global disasters, when people are elementary were not able to comply with health standards.

One of the main causes of pediculosis is direct contact between people.It can manifest itself through clothing or other personal items.When it comes to pubic lice subspecies, it is appropriate to mention that the pubic pediculosis occurs most often as a result of sexual intercourse, but not always.There is also a widespread belief that the lice can be transmitted from animals.But, even though the popularity of this hypothesis, it is proved that the person parasitize exclusively human type of lice.

Takes place to be a curious fact, that head lice can be transmitted even in a barber shop, because that is where, by barber scissors and negligence, direct contact of one person to another can occur.It is also the cause of the infection can become such public places like baths, swimming pools, porches, and others.

symptoms of pediculosis

Often, pediculosis symptoms begin to manifest itself until several days after the infection.Symptoms usually accompanied by very intense itching in places insect bites.On the skin, the bites look like grayish spots.Sometimes the itching is so unbearable that brushing contaminated site of the bite.This entails getting an infection in the wound formed and, as a consequence, education gnoynikovyh diseases.The main symptom of head lice is their nits on hair that look like dandruff, but much more difficult to separate from the hair.

addition to the above symptoms at the bite, may also be present malaise, such as insomnia and loss of appetite.This entails a violation of the nervous system, as well as a number of other undesirable side effects.

Methods of dealing

Of course, we should start with the fact that the fight against lice depends on the subtype of the insects.However, it should be noted that there is a general recommendation to deal with all kinds of lice - a comprehensive method for the destruction of nits and large individuals.

As already described, pubic lice are attached to the pubic hair wearer.Therefore, in the fight against pediculosis pubic hair should be removed from the pubic area, as well as the armpits.Site of the bite should be disinfected ten percent of white mercury ointment, thus avoiding bacterial infection.Since parasites who settled on the eyelashes and eyebrows, the situation is more complicated, because the eyelashes and eyebrows to remove not exactly aesthetically pleasing.Therefore, we have to be common way in which the lice are removed just nails.

Fight louse first need to boil clothes carrier, or wash it in hot water.After that things should be allowed to dry in a well ventilated area with an abundance of sunlight for a few days.The most effective is to treat with insecticides before washing things, it will increase the chances of the complete destruction of the parasites.This treatment must be extremely careful, because the lice and their nits can be in a very secluded and remote areas of clothing.It should also be remembered that the substance to combat lice are highly toxic, so you should be very careful when using them.

fight against head lice is the most urgent and widespread.For this purpose, special shampoos that kill adults.After that, from the hair vychёsyvayutsya dead lice and nits with special metal combs with frequent teeth.For easy combing the hair is treated with olive oil or fat.

prevention pediculosis

For general prevention of pediculosis is necessary first of all to observe good personal hygiene: a regular wash, do not trust your comb strangers, wash bedding and lower at high temperature and it thoroughly ironing (especially the seams places).To prevent head lice need to lubricate the head and ear area of ​​lavender oil or tea tree.Thus, it is possible to avoid occurrence of lice and a number of related diseases and ailments.