Last year was a jubilee year in the creation of the first contraceptive pill based on hormonal substances.Executed a drug for 50 years. emergence of a new type of drugs has opened great opportunities not only for gynecology and obstetrics, and oncology to the medical practice.

Each year, at the moment prevented nearly 30,000 cancers in our country due to the fact that the appointed and carried reception of hormonal contraceptives (CC), as they have expressed and proven onkoprotektivny effect.

CC not only prevent the development of unwanted pregnancies, but also help gynecologists in the treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system.

From 1998 to 2000 took place, the so-called contraceptive revolution, the slogan which read "From birth to the health of the reproductive system!" In those years, therapy was known as contraceptive treatment.


  • 1 Additional therapeutic effects GK
  • 2 What should be the modern Civil Code?
  • 3 Classification
  • 4 story of
  • 5 Other forms of HA release
  • 6 Benefits drugs with natural estrogen
  • 7 How will develop hormonal contraception?
  • 8 dynamics applications GC in Russia

Additional therapeutic effects GK

addition to the main effects are available and further, such as:

  • reducing the risk of inflammatory diseases of thereproductive system;
  • slowing cases of mastopathy;
  • decrease in the incidence of ectopic pregnancy.

addition GK are used not only in gynecology and oncology.These preparations quite successfully treat rheumatoid arthritis, their use in hematology and psychiatry.

Currently contraception using hormones undergoes a rise.This method of therapy can safely be called the most developing method, located at the junction of various medical sciences. No one will deny that the first receipt of a contraceptive hormonal drug can be easily compared with the opening of antibiotics and vaccinations.In 1960 we received an incredibly effective tool to combat many diseases.

What should be the modern Civil Code?Jess

Reproductive health can be efficiently stored using the appointment of hormonal contraceptive drugs.Doubt it already can not be.

Today task of reception of hormonal contraceptives is no longer contraceptive orientation and still healing.Contraceptive pills are created to influence the reproductive function.Their composition varies, that is, change the contraceptive components, and gradually reduced the dosage of certain hormones, which also is a progressive way in the development of hormonal contraception.The selectivity, ie the selective effect of drugs increases.



  1. Progestogens 1 generation - norethindrone, norethisterone, lynestrenol, etinodioladiatsetat;
  2. Progestogens 2 generation - norgestrel, levonorgestrel;
  3. Progestogens 3 generations - desogestrel, norgestimate, gestodene;
  4. Progestogens 4th generation - drospirenone.

story of

In the second generation progestogens domestic market appeared in 1970.The third generation of standing at attention only in 1980.Dienogest was synthesized even after 10 years.In 2000, scientists had created drospirenone, which did not have anti-androgenic properties and was as close as possible to the effects of progestogen.

drosperinone advantage over other drugs is very reliable inhibition of ovulation, has multiple effects histogens. With it you can successfully treat hyperandrogenism pathological conditions.For example, select alopecia, polycystic ovary syndrome, acne.Also, the drug does not delay the body's water and sodium, is not conducive to the development of mastalgia, it helps to stabilize the weight.

In "Yarina" drugs, "median", "Jess" is drospirenone.

Other forms of HA release

addition tablets produced releasing the system in the form of subcutaneous implants, intrauterine devices.In addition, using intravaginal ring for independent woman use for a month.Also available transdermal patches with a weekly change.Choose is from what.

klayra WHO experts say the drug "Medina" the most outstanding achievement of modern medicine in the field of contraception.Admission hormonal contraceptives this line is a highly effective and reliable.Operational gynecological intervention declined sharply in the implementation in practice of the drug.

New methods of contraception are coming constantly.For example, in some combination with HA appeared natural estrogen - estradiol.This is a breakthrough, because all of 50 years was used only synthetic estrogen.

Benefits drugs with natural estrogen

  • no risk of weight gain;
  • no effect on fat metabolism;
  • have a cosmetic effect;
  • less impact on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, and it takes a lot of contraindications to the use of the Civil Code.

«Klayra" - the first CC with natural estradiol.In combination therewith contains dienogest.This progestogen has an inhibiting effect on the proliferation of the endometrium.

How will develop hormonal contraception?

likely to get wider development transdermal systems.The third phase tests presently gel passes that need to be applied daily, and intranasal spray.These products are based on natural components.

Test runs and a new ring with an antiviral effect.Keep chain innovation modulators of progesterone receptors to affect the fibroids, endometriosis.These drugs inhibit the production of progesterone and inhibit the ovaries, and also reduce the synthesis of luteinizing hormone.

created by the same male contraceptives, but they are small in demand, because men are not accustomed to using them.

When sociological question for nearly 70% of women made known his distrust of their sexual partners, and decided to take on this function.Midian

Despite these trends have created an implant that needs to be administered subcutaneously.Clinical trials of the drug are in the final stage.There are attempts to create vaccines and contraceptives, but their introduction into practice is still very far away.Genomic restructuring also leave for later.

dynamics applications GC in Russia

number of abortions has fallen sharply over the period from 1965 to 1980 with the introduction of the Civil Code.Very rarely abortions carried out in Europe.Russia and Romania are exceptions.

Of course, in Russia in 1992 there was a significant decline in the abortion rate, however, the use of the Civil Code is not yet at an appropriate level.

Intrauterine contraceptive devices are used in 12-14% of cases, and thus remains stable for several years.

In order to expand the application of the Civil Code requires that this area of ​​medicine has become a part of the program for the improvement and protection of reproductive health.It should be noted that this trend, fortunately, are gaining momentum.