English edition of The Guardian in March 2013 reported that scientists from King's College London were able to grow a tooth from stem cells of mouse and human gingival cells.The results of this work are also published in the Journal of Dental Research.

human teeth and gums begin to form almost a third month of his fetal development of epithelial and embryonic connective tissue.To create an artificial tooth experts headed by Professor Paul Sharpe took a small sample of tissue from the gums healthy human adult.These stand for some time artificially cultivated in the laboratory, then they were added mesenchymal stem cells isolated from mouse body.Mesenchymal cells during the development of the living body precede mesenchymal stromal cells that is formed in the subsequent cartilage, bone, and adipose tissue.

murine and human cells after they are placed in the mixing capsule and implanted into the body of an adult mouse, particularly in the kidney of the animal.Grown as a result of such an experim

ent tooth virtually indistinguishable from conventional, established the nature of the tooth, had strong roots and was covered with enamel.

Scientists believe that in the near future will have the opportunity of growing bioengineered teeth in that place, where appropriate, directly in the human mouth.Professor Sharpe suggested a bold statement that in the near future the cultivation of artificial teeth would be commonplace, and this procedure will eliminate the wearing implants.However, to carry out operations on the teeth grow all comers will need a large number of extracted cells from the tissue of the human gums.To create such cells by artificial means scientists can not yet.

Today, experts have learned to grow some human organs in the laboratory, according to the achievement of bioengineering is no surprise.

By the way, in 2011 in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery amazing event was published: man from Croatia addressed to the doctor about the festering foot.In the course of cleaning the wound of pus accumulated in it ... They found a tooth.The victim admitted that a few weeks earlier and fought during the fight hit the opponent on the jaw leg.One can only assume that he was a man on foot gingival tissue sprouted to form an ordinary tooth.