At the end of June 2013 the famous American Dr. Panayiotis Zavos, dealing with the treatment of infertility, said in an interview with The Independent, he managed to clone 14 human embryos, of which 11 were podsazheny women for further gestation.However, none of the pregnancy is not terminated successfully and the birth of a child.

It is known that human cloning is prohibited by governments of all developed countries, including the United States.Enterprising doctor in order to avoid punishment conducted this experiment in one of the Middle East, having no prohibition on the implementation of such unacceptable from an ethical point of view of action.According to Zavos, to take part in his experiment agreed three childless couples and a single woman, British citizens, the United States and eastern countries, whose name is kept secret.

transfer cloned human embryo into the uterus of the woman in this case was not successful, but the doctor said that it was only his first attempt, and that soon h

e was going to continue his experiments to create the clone.Also according to Zavos, who wish to conceive and give birth to so many unusual baby is no shortage.

be recalled that previously repeatedly appeared statements by scientists on the birth of a human clone, but still none of them gave evidence confirming this fact.So, in 1998 we know Zavos and his colleague, the Italian Severino Antinori has planned to hold a similar experiment.Implement ideas suggested on board, which would be in international waters.Currently, no one knows what happened between colleagues several months before the start of the experiment, but it remained in the plans.

Severino Antinori is also famous worldwide for its efforts to create a new human life in an unusual way (IVF spent 60 years of women who want to have a baby).In an interview with the American edition printed the doctor admitted that he had successfully cloned human 10 years ago, and two were born in the course of the experiment the child is currently living in the European family, do not have any abnormalities and health problems.

possible that Antinori and Zavos merely introducing in all charlatans misleading wishing to world fame.Evidence of real human cloning yet.In an extreme case, we of them simply do not know.