At the end of May 2013 in Moscow at the State Organization "IRTC" Eye Microsurgery ".Acad.SN Fedorov "operation for cataract correction was carried out using the latest modern equipment (femtolazernoy VICTUS system), which has no analogues in Russia.

Cataract represents ophthalmic disease accompanied by clouding of the lens.According to WHO, cataract is the most common cause of visual loss among adults in many European countries.Fortunately, cataract today successfully treated abroad and in Russia.

new direction in the treatment of this disease is considered femtolazernaya surgery, excluding the direct impact of medical instruments in patient eye that has great benefits (excludes his injury, significantly reduces the rehabilitation period).In the course of this operation is crushed darkened lens with a laser beam.Full automation of the process of surgery at the same time eliminates the possibility of medical errors and significantly reduces the time of the meeting.

Femtolazernaya surgery has

no specific contraindications and age restrictions.Handling children is generally performed under general anesthesia.An hour after the procedure the patient is able to sit up in bed.In the first few minutes after the laser exposure to the eye the patient feels dazzled, then slowly begins to recover vision.A few hours after surgery, he already boasts a 100% vision.

VICTUS price of one unit exceeds 20 mln. Rubles, but in the words of the Russian State Duma deputy Alexander Chuhraeva, such costs are worth it because you can not guarantee the quality treatment of various diseases, using outdated equipment.Will there be a similar art equipment in other medical institutions of Moscow and regions, is still unknown.

According to some statistics, in Moscow today has just over 3 million. People diagnosed with cataracts.In the offices of Eye Microsurgery handling is held annually more than 10 thousand Muscovites, 72% of all carried out by compulsory health insurance system.Also, this institution has a paid sector for the treatment of immigrants from Central Asia, the people of America and Europe.Conducting operations paid for foreigners to invest further allows the Russian health care.