Until now, there is debate about the harmful and beneficial effects of caffeine on the human body.It is known that a cup of coffee drunk at breakfast, perfectly invigorates, helps to wake up, and quickly join in the work.At the same time abuse drink containing caffeine may cause hypertension accompanied with increasing pressure.

Japanese experts carried out an interesting study.For several years, they observed the state of the organism group of people aged 45 to 74 years, every day drink coffee, but no more than one cup per day.As a result, all persons involved in the experiment, the risk of stroke decreased significantly.

In order to understand how, in this case, the effects of caffeine, it is necessary to understand the cause of the stroke.This term refers to a sharp violation of cerebral circulation, accompanied by damage to vital tissues and disorder of its basic functions.The most common culprit stroke becomes atherosclerosis - a chronic disease, with the formation on the walls of blood

vessels cholesterol plaques that prevent the normal circulation of the blood.Caffeine prevents clogging of blood vessels cholesterol and promotes blood pressure.As a result, the main reason for occurrence of stroke in people who consume coffee in moderation, disappears by itself.

also positive effects of coffee on the human body due to the presence of a large amount of antioxidants - substances that contribute to the removal from it of free radicals and preventing the onset of natural aging.

avoid the development of dangerous diseases such as stroke, of course, I want, but what about those who have the smell and taste of the coffee beverage is unpleasant?It turns out that a similar effect on the body has a green tea.Daily consumption of freshly brewed green tea reduces the risk of hemorrhagic stroke, accompanied by bleeding in the brain.Experts point out that it is very important in this case to observe a beverage dose, given his age, state of the organism as a whole, the presence of chronic diseases and contraindications.Drinking more than six cups of tea a day go can conceive the opposite effect.It also warns study author Yoshihiro Kokubo.

results of this study were first published in the international journal Stroke.