first place among the causes of maternal mortality is given breast malignancy.As the staff of the University of California, a cancer in this case produced by the body is fueled purely female hormones - progesterone and estrogen.So often when breast cancer patient is assigned to hormone therapy.

most important to establish whether the tumor hormone-dependent breast cancer, because of this depends almost entirely on the treatment that is necessary to carry out as soon as possible If the diagnosis of the disease.Recent studies of oncologists and professionals involved in breast disease, show that provoke the rapid development of the cancer, the occurrence of which is not associated with the body's hormonal women, can poor diet, particularly consumption of food rich in carbohydrates and fats.

study, during which confirmed the dependence of developing breast cancer by the power, was conducted in the United States.It was attended by 2437 women with the same diagnosis, each of which already had seve

ral courses of chemotherapy and a mastectomy - surgery to remove the breast.Also involved in the work were nutritionists.Patients participating in the study were divided into 2 groups.Those women that were in the first group, nutritionists have made individual daily diet, which excludes the use of fatty foods.Patients in the second group were fed normally.

As a result, the subjects of the first group for the month of dieting lose a few extra kilos, besides they noted improvement in general condition and well-being.

Breast cancer is deadly pathology, which is high probability of treatment only at the initial stage of its formation.Statistics show that the rejection of fatty foods on the treatment of the disease reduces the risk of death by 66% and significantly reduces the likelihood of disease recurrence.

Background: Every year in the world an increasing number of women breast cancer patients.According to statistics, the risk group includes every 8th woman on the planet, regardless of her age, place of residence and social status.The probability of occurrence of this dangerous disease increases dramatically with the onset of menopause.

registered annually about 1 million. 250 thousand. (54 thous. In Russian) new cases.These appalling numbers of specialists.Today, breast cancer takes the scale of the epidemic.The exact cause of its origin is unknown.Mention may be made only predisposing factors in the formation of mammary gland cancer.This is usually an unhealthy lifestyle of women, excess weight, the presence in the biography of the artificial termination of pregnancy, late menopause, late first pregnancy, heredity.

is important to remember that the cure of breast cancer possible.The success of treatment depends entirely on the stage of the disease.Women experts strongly advised to attend mammalogy every 6 months, even in the absence of any complaints.