Botox is now considered as the main means of combating the natural aging of the skin.Botox injections are very popular among women all over the world, including among Russian and Hollywood stars.However, the recent discovery of the scientists showed that the vehicle is unstable, and eventually cease to have effect at all, as a person gradually develop natural immunity to it.

Do not be upset by this issue if you have decided on such a procedure for the first time.In most cases, only the repeated subcutaneous injection of botulinum toxin lead to addiction thereto organism.In fact, Botox is a potent poison, a small dose which has a relaxing effect on the muscles, resulting in the alignment of wrinkles and skin tightening.More in Middle Ages people become aware that the minimum dose of any poison taken into the body not only does not cause poisoning, but also stimulate the production of specific antibodies therein.Daily consumption of a small amount of poison allowed monarchs to avoid poisoning, w

hich were considered commonplace at the courts of European kings.

Observation French experts have shown that one of the two hundred women, occasionally resorting to Botox injections, are also in the body develop antibodies, resulting in a procedure ceases to have the desired effect and becomes simply unnecessary.The results of these observations were published in the Journal of Neural Transmission.

is also known that some women (about 3% of all those wishing to get rid of wrinkles in this way) have a natural immunity to Botox.This means that even if the procedure is a subcutaneous injection of the substance has been carried out for the first time, it may not provide adequate smoothing wrinkles effect.

At the same time, scientists from South Korea found a tool that can completely replace the Botox eventually.They became an ordinary bee venom.Masks and creams on the basis of bee venom promote natural collagen skin, causing it becomes taut, wrinkles are smoothed while.Currently, experts are developing technology for this poison, without causing any harm it produces insect.

Background: Botox is synthesized artificially substance botulinum toxin having a lot of contraindications, including: antibiotic treatment, alcoholism, allergies to medications containing protein, the presence of infectious diseases, myopia, Lambert-Eaton syndrome.

For therapeutic purposes, the drug is used in diseases such as blepharospasm, local muscle spasm, paralytic strabismus, spasmodic torticollis, local spasm of cerebral palsy in children with.