Various gadgets have become part of our lives.However, few people think about the fact that even an ordinary mobile phone carries a great threat to the health of its owner.

Recent observations of Russian specialists plunged society into a shock: it turns out, is constantly on the usual smartphone has a huge number of bacteria, including pathogens that can trigger a variety of diseases.This is not surprising.After the mobile phone is always at hand and around the world is populated by a variety of microorganisms invisible to our eyes.These micro-organisms does not cost anything to get over with the hands (hygiene which is not always possible to comply with, as it should be) to the mobile device and on.

known that the number of bacteria (staphylococcus, streptococcus, E. coli) in the phone may exceed the amount of the same bacteria under the rim of the toilet bowl.And no Domestos in this case does not help.Once in the human body, the bacillus can cause digestive disorders, various skin diseases

, including acne and pimples.

So if you often marked an upset stomach, and you love to combine the use of food to browsing through email on a smartphone or tablet, do not be surprised.

also frequent use of mobile devices could adversely affect the state of the organs of vision.Scientists from the British Luton & amp University;Dunstable University advised parents not to follow the tastes of children and buy them new-fangled gadgets provoke unpleasant symptoms such as dryness and inflammation of the eyes.

These observations, of course, are not a contraindication to the use of convenient and familiar means of communication.In order to reduce the negative impact of the device on the body, you need to learn how to use it.

For example, it is not recommended to pinch the phone between ear and shoulder, especially for long conversations.This posture leads to pain in the back and neck.When talking on a cell phone often comes with busy hands, to purchase a headset.At the same time lovers to listen to music with headphones on public transport or on the street, may be faced with the problem of hearing loss.

It was also found that frequent cell phone conversations lead to a change in the place of the lower jaw position, which eventually weakens, which will certainly affect the appearance of its owner.

All the problems associated with frequent use of gadgets may come back to haunt many years later, against the natural aging of the body.Experts recommend thinking about this today and take in order to avoid their basic safety.