Modern American experts are sounding the alarm: every year the number of newborns with abdominal pathology or gastroschisis. The disease manifests itself after a few months since the introduction of the child into the light loss of the abdominal cavity through the umbilical hole is not overgrown.Gastroschisis requires immediate surgery, during which the authorities reduce a fallen outside inside.Typically, such interventions are carried out quite successfully and are not accompanied by serious side effects.The exact cause of the pathology is still unknown.

According to scientists from the University of South Florida, in recent years there has been a record number of birth defects in newborns, including one of the first places it takes gastroschisis.So in 1995, just one child in 10,000 is born with this pathology.10 years later, in 2005, the number of infants diagnosed with gastroschisis has increased in 2 times.Today, the anterior abdominal wall malformation observed in 4 of 10 thousand US infa


In the course of some research experts managed to identify the factors that predispose to the birth of a baby with gastroschisis.So, one of these factors is the early pregnancy.In women who have not reached 20 years, the probability of the birth of a baby with such a malformation of the abdominal wall is very high.In children whose mothers had reached 22-25 years, the disease is observed less frequently.

On the occurrence of disease in the child is also influenced by nutrition during pregnancy, her emotional state, that it has some or other chronic diseases.Oddly enough, but the way of life and even the future of the profession of his father also play an important role in the occurrence of gastroschisis at his newborn baby.So, at risk include children photographers, artists and hairdressers.Less commonly, children are born with congenital anomalies of the abdominal wall at the designers of men, firemen, painters.In addition, it was found that parents of creative professions the likelihood of a child with disabilities of various systems of the body is slightly higher than, for example, office staff or by persons engaged in physical labor.

As studies and observations of scientists have shown that factors such as skin color, race or ethnicity, in the development of pathology no role.

avoid birth of a child with a certain deviation, the same experts advise pregnant women to pay more attention to their health and diet, avoid stress as far as possible not be in contact with toxic and harmful substances to human health.