At the end of the working day, when colleagues have already gone home, and the hum of the system unit finally stopped, it would seem, there was silence, but people still continue to hear strange noises in his head.This may be a harbinger or even a symptom of the serious disease.Run his treatment is not highly desirable.

sounds in my head are different.In some cases, it looks like a hum motorway, in others - a muffled noise, sometimes pulsating sounds, ringing or whistling in the ears.Doctors will be able to make a diagnosis and appropriate treatment, finding out all the features of this symptom.


  • 1 Causes noise in my head
  • 2 noise treatment in the head
  • 3 Folk remedies to combat the noise in my head

Causes noise in my head

reasons for the occurrence of noise in the head set.The most innocuous reason - fatigue and stress.This noise is not constant, and pulsating, and may pass without any treatment.To eliminate noise in your head from physical or emotional

fatigue can drink a sedative.Also recommended rest, positive emotions, diet including vitamin B.

noise in my head in the hearing aid associated with age-related changes can not be treated, in all other cases, the problem is solved.

main causes of noise in the head, not related to fatigue or aging can be an aneurysm of cerebral vessels or violation of cerebral vascular circulation.When aneurysms noise in my head accompanied by throbbing pain.In such cases, it is best to immediately consult a neurologist, to prevent the development of aneurysms and their transition to a more severe form.

also one of the reasons of occurrence of the noise in your head can be atherosclerosis.The disease is characterized by the formation of blood vessels in the brain barrier from cholesterol, which can prevent the movement of blood.In consequence of this, the blood moves faster, causing hum.Insufficient oxygen content in the blood vessels can lead to oxygen starvation, and this in turn becomes a cause of noise in mind.

vascular dystonia also provokes noise in my head.In this case, will receive an effective vasodilator drugs, is not superfluous to normalize the level of adrenaline in the blood glucose levels.It affects the rate of pumping blood, and because of this and the occurrence of noise in the head, diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Impaired kidney function can also cause noise, but to begin treatment without consulting a urologist quality should not be.The noise in my head may be caused by cervical spine instability.The blood that goes to the brain through the blood vessels that run along the spine, does not arrive in sufficient quantities in the brain, as the processes of the vertebrae can peredavit blood vessels.

disease of the endocrine system is also one of the reasons of occurrence of the noise in my head.Sometimes the noise in his head indicates the presence of a brain tumor.In addition to these causes of noise in the head and there are others that are associated with the transferred in the past diseases, head injury, or taking medications.

noise in the head Treatment

Effective treatment of noise in the head need to determine the cause.If, in addition to the noise in my head, there is a pain in the neck, headache, dizziness and numbness of the fingers, it should address the treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease.To do this, perform the exercises for people suffering from cervical osteochondrosis, as well as taking drugs hondoprotektorov group.

If a person looks older than his actual age, the eye has a small light yellow elevation, iris surrounds the light-gray arc is the cause of the noise in my head atherosclerosis.In this case, in the daily diet to include fish and vegetables, and eliminate meats, fatty foods and sweets.Because medical treatment should take such drugs as "Vitrum Cardio Omega 3", "Ateroblok" etc.

When the noise in my head occurs due to high blood pressure, you need to take antihypertensive drugs.The noise in my head may be caused by an accumulation of earwax.To do this, you need to thoroughly clean the ears.Some drugs may cause side effects including head noises.From such preparation should be discarded.

As previously mentioned the human diet, suffer from noise in the head, it should be enriched with vitamin B, as will be any extra vitamins A and E.

Folk remedies to combat the noise in my head

to self-medicate when notit was mental or physical exertion, it can be extremely dangerous for health, because trying to cure one disease can trigger another.But still there safe recipes to help cope in the noise in his head, without damaging the body at the same time.For example:

horseradish root peel and soak for several hours.Then grate, turned to mush.1 tablespoon of slurry mix with a glass of sour cream.1 Eat a spoonful of the mixture with food.

5% tincture of iodine added to a glass of warm boiled milk.Over 10 days to increase the dose of iodine to 1 drop.Then, in the next 10 days to reduce the amount of iodine in the milk of 1 drop.Make a break for two weeks, and then repeat the course again.Perform all three of the course with a mandatory break of two weeks.

eliminate noise in your head, you can use garlic.Skip to 200 grams of fresh garlic through a meat grinder, pour in a glass 200g of alcohol or vodka.Infuse for two weeks.Then strain, add 30 grams of propolis tincture, and 2 tablespoons of honey.Mix thoroughly and allow infusion of 3 more days.Take receipt of funds three times a day with milk for 30 minutes before eating.Start with 1 drop every day increasing the dose to 25 drops.

Mix equal parts cranberry juice and beet, taken three times a day for 50 ml.

also an effective means of getting rid of the noise in my head - the tea from the dried leaves of strawberries, lemon balm tincture.

above methods are totally harmless and will help get rid of the unpleasant sensations such as the noise in my head.However, neglect of qualified professionals should not be using.