varicocele - a disease associated with varicose veins testicles in men, and is often the cause of infertility.The pathology occurs against the backdrop of a malfunction of valves of veins special organ of the male body - the spermatic cord.In the presence of the disease these valves can not cope with its main task (obstruction to blood flow from the testicle, maintaining an optimal level of pressure in the vein), resulting in the gradual expansion of veins and education in these units of various sizes.

varicocele is basically one-sided, ie veins observed in only one testicle.It occurs on the background of the existing problems with the vessels (the weakness of their walls, phimosis, varicose veins), which can be inherited.To promote the development of the disease are excessive exercise, having a bowel movement problems, increased intra-abdominal pressure.Often it occurs as a complication of diseases pelvic kidney.

Degrees varicocele their

symptoms In most cases, varicocele occurs

without any symptoms and is found only in the course of a medical examination.In some cases, the presence of the disease a man can experience nagging pain in the scrotum, occurring at the time of the strong exercise.Experts identify four degrees of varicocele:

  • zero level at which to identify veins without an ultrasound is not possible;
  • first degree, at the stage where advanced venous components are well palpated in the vertical position of the body men;
  • second degree, in which venous components are well palpated, while there may be a slight omission of eggs, the patient experiences a different intensity of pain in the scrotum (during sexual intercourse, exercise);
  • third degree of development of the disease is associated with an increase in prolapse and scrotum, varicose veins with easily palpable, the patient concerned about persistent pain in the genital area can be observed disorder of sexual function.Pain in varicocele characterized by its intensity, can be stinging, pulling, burning.To cope with the unpleasant symptoms of the disease is possible by means of vasoconstrictor drugs.However, before applying them should consult with a specialist.

diagnosis and treatment of this disease has been a specialist - phlebologist may also need to consult an andrologist or urologist.Since the majority of patients seek qualified help in the case when the disease has already reached the second or third stage of its development, the diagnosis is not accompanied by much difficulty.During the external examination of the patient must be conducted palpation of the testes, often specialist reveals the existence of several venous nodes.During palpation of the patient's body should be in alternately vertically and horizontally.Sometimes the cause of a varicocele may be the presence of tumors in the kidney.Therefore, in establishing the diagnosis of the patient is directed to ultrasound of the abdominal space.As additional tests may be needed semen (if the patient has reached the age of 18) in order to identify the number and activity of sperm, Doppler blood vessels of the scrotum, thermography, ultrasound of the scrotum.

Treatment of varicocele

Treatment is carried out based on the underlying cause of the disease and the degree of its development.In the initial stages of varicocele specific treatment is required.The patient is recommended to refrain from any physical stress on the body, with the lead sedentary lives.In case of chronic constipation requires mandatory their treatment, because straining during toilet visits only enhances veins.In some cases, the patient is shown wearing a special device for supporting the scrotum (jockstrap).

advanced stages of the disease require surgical treatment, which can be carried out in three main ways: embolization, or excision of the veins, raising the testicle.The procedure of ligation of varicose veins is carried out using endoscopy or laparoscopy under local anesthesia and does not require a long rehabilitation period.Indications for surgery include: a decrease in testicle size or its underdevelopment, the presence of frequent pain, oligospermia (separation of a small amount of semen).Sometimes, surgery is performed to remove the apparent cosmetic defect caused by the omission of a testicle or scrotum increasing.

varicocele is not a life-threatening disease of men, however long it may be for a cause of infertility.The male testes, as you know, under the influence of certain hormones made sperm maturation and development.Any of their pathology, including the formation of venous sites, leading to disruption of spermatogenesis.Long-term course of the disease leads to incurable infertility.With timely surgical sperm quality is usually restored within a year after the event.However varicocele prognosis is unfavorable in most cases.Half of the patients ability to conceive even after complete cure of the disease is extremely low.

Expert Opinion: Today, American doctors are varicocele differently and do not believe that this pathology is invariably leads to infertility.

Besides infertility vasodilatation eggs fraught with the development of the inflammatory process.Moreover, there is always the risk of rupture of the vessels, followed by data hemorrhage into the scrotum.In that case, if the disease is genetically, to prevent its occurrence is practically impossible, but it is easy to prevent its development.Firstly, it is necessary to pass an annual examination by a urologist or phlebologist.Second, conduct a correct way of life, give up bad habits, poor nutrition, in the case of suspicion of the presence of kidney disease, or pelvic organs in a timely manner to contact a specialist.