Red blood cells are the basic cells of the blood.Naturally, it is in their blood is much greater than all other corpuscles.Such blood cells have the shape of a disk that is slightly thickened at the edges. This structure facilitates their passage through the human blood system and helps to enrich the oxygen and carbon dioxide organs and cells.

erythrocytes in the bone marrow are formed under the action of erythropoietin or kidney hormone.These two-thirds of the cells consist of hemoglobin.It is the color of hemoglobin is determined by the primary color of blood.Erythrocytes average may operate one hundred and twenty days.In this cell, the life of which has expired, do not affect the total number of red blood cells as bone marrow is responsible for their production.

As is known, these cells carry oxygen transfer into cells and tissues, and conversely the transfer of carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs.Of course, red blood cells may be not only in the blood and in urine, as they are car

ried throughout the body and enter into all organs.

level amount of red blood cells in the urine is normal, if the analysis showed in urine sediment from zero to three erythrocytes in women and from zero to one in men.In the case of increasing the number of red blood cells in urine is possible to judge about the phenomenon as hematuria.In normal erythrocytes amount excreted in urine output over two million pieces per day.

In unmodified red blood cells can be detected by a urine test during the study, which is hemoglobin, or changed, in which it is not.

Duration erythrocyte in urine can be determined by the ratio of modified and unmodified erythrocytes.The longer the red blood cell is in the urine, so the color becomes darker.The speed of this process depends quite strongly on the concentration and acidity of urine.Hemoglobin is leached much faster in a more acidic urine and dense.

The causes of red blood cells in the urine unchanged in the first place are the diseases of the urinary tract and organs.Often this is due to cystitis, prostate tumors, and other stone passage.

But the reasons for the emergence of modified erythrocytes are a variety of kidney disease.

In order to clarify the reasons for the appearance of red blood cells in the urine sample should make it to the three vessels in succession.In the case where the source acts as a urethra, while most of erythrocytes is in the first portion, and if it is the bladder, the blood cells will be more in the third portion.In any case, an experienced doctor using such analysis be able to determine the exact cause.

Increase of red blood cells in the urine of the child

increased number of red blood cells in human blood is always dangerous, but even more dangerous and scary, when it rolls in children.After reading the analysis of increased red blood cells do the second test.If the test showed again made of the same high level of red blood cells, it may be a pointer to various diseases.Therefore, without delay, send the child to a serious diagnosis such organs as the lungs, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract and urogenital system.

course, do not take yourself all these diagnostics.It is best to first consult a doctor.It is hoped that a specialist can determine the cause of the red blood cells in the urine of the child and without additional research.These studies are appointed from the reason that red blood cells can appear in the urine due to inflammation of the kidneys, swollen bowel, problems with the prostate gland.

In addition, the cause of the blood cells can be the use of drugs that have been assigned to the child.In general, there are about one hundred and diseases that can cause the appearance of red blood cells in the urine, but there should be as persistent as one analysis, which showed an increase in red blood cells in the urine may be temporary.Therefore, you should make two or even three urine tests to make sure there is a problem.

Elevated red blood cells in the urine during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman delivers a great variety of tests in order to be confident in their own health and the health of her unborn baby.One of the most important tests a urine test for the number of red blood cells.This analysis is a must for the expectant mother, because as the growth and development of fetal organs of the urogenital system and shy as a result this can lead to an exacerbation of diseases that are found in the chronic form.The presence of such disease is evidenced by an increased amount of red blood cells in urine.This evidence may be signal problems urogenital and urinary tract.Therefore, in the case of an increased amount of red blood cells in the urine is carried ultrasound procedure for bladder and kidney, as well as an analysis on the bacteriological urine culture.

to the state of his health expectant mother is simply obliged to apply a special responsibility and attention.Therefore, during pregnancy it is necessary to systematically take the necessary tests that will determine the status of the body of the fetus and mother.And if any changes yet have been detected, you should not ignore them, because even small improvements in performance can prevent development of the disease, which often turns out to be dangerous for the unborn baby.