This science, oncology, is committed to exploring ways of formation and proliferation of cancer, its symptoms and methods of diagnosis, therapy and selects appropriate methods of prevention.By itself, the cancer - a tumor oncological nature, in other words - an abnormal development of the fabric, in whose composition includes mutated cells.The way the tumor develops and what its specifics can be separated tumor malignant and benign nature.These neoplasms of epithelial tissue called cancer, and tumors of the connective tissue developing - sarcomas.

Just recently, the term "oncology" meant a death sentence.Even today, people are horrified to hear such a diagnosis, because the cancer - the most terrible.However, medicine continues to evolve, and today it is possible to cure almost all cases.

Of course, many people try and not think about this disease, and the chances of its detection at up less than 50 percent.For women, the risk is about 40 per cent, and for men - 45. These figures can be sig

nificantly reduced, if lead a healthy lifestyle, eating right and working out.So, even a simple Lenten menu, rich in vitamins from fruits and vegetables, lack of stress, sound sleep - good protection against cancer cells.

Expert opinion: In fact, at the moment there are a large number of cancer theories.Of course, stress and unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet can be factors that lead to cancer, but these factors are not the main, and in many people.who lead healthy lifestyles have developed cancer.

But should always be alert, because if cancer is detected too late, it is - is incurable.Therefore, it is important to periodically conduct the necessary examinations and screening tests Cancer character.So, with the advent of such tests, the mortality rate has decreased, because the disease start to show up even in the early stages.It goes without saying, early diagnosis will not guarantee a full recovery, but it will prolong life and improve its quality.Therefore, it is important to be screened regularly in order to avoid serious condition and in time to take all the necessary tests on the basis of which will be based all results.

For people who are at increased risk (predisposition hereditary nature, contact with carcinogens), it is important to very carefully take the survey and take the necessary tests for cancer, which are of great importance.

tests for detection of cancer - is the process of determining tumor markers, which takes place in the treatment room.Tumor markers - a blood protein that stand out cancer cells for cancer of specific organs.If the nature of the tumor markers changed - this indicates that the cancer process is started.Also, tumor markers help determine the best location of the tumors of his character.If you focus on the total number of tumor markers in the blood, we can draw the conclusion: a malignant tumor or benign.

If you focus on how much tumor markers in the blood, can prevent subsequent proliferation of the tumor due to some preventive measures, as well as to eliminate the primary process of developing this disease.That is, the tests may allow the exercise precise control over how the organ systems of the human body works.

In recent years, due to the fact that people do not give substantial value of this disease, cancer begins much "younger".That is, today suffer from cancer, not only the elderly but also young people, and worst of all, children.The reasons are obvious: alcohol abuse, smoking and poor diet, which is why the immune system is weakened and the body is difficult to deal with even the most basic conditions.Ecology also played a role.Cities in which we live today, as large metropolitan areas and smaller cities are polluted.Oncology can not appear without good reasons.Another of them - heredity.If among a group of relatives, even distant, someone had cancer, then you have the probability of disease such disease because it is important to remember about the diagnosis and the periodic delivery of analyzes.

However, exactly which tests should be done and in what situations?


  • 1 Fibrosigmoskopiya
  • 2 Colonoscopy
  • 3 study pelvic Pap test


This studyIt is carried out to detect colon cancer.The test is painless and is performed by using a probe equipped with a lens.It is connected to the camcorder equipped with a light source at the end.The probe is introduced through the anus into the colon directly, from there pushed into the colon.On the doctor sees all the walls and their status.This test can detect polyps, which are growths precancerous nature, occasionally bleeding.Therefore, the analysis of occult blood or feces, which is often prescribed in this case doctors are not always reliable picture shows.

Expert Opinion: Fibrosigmoskopiya unpleasant procedure.Often painful.


fibrocolonoscopy tracks all along the education precancerous colon.Test analysis to determine the prostate-specific antigen (CCA).Particular protein - PSA is secreted into the blood of prostate cancer.In prostate cancer, the level of the protein increases sharply.Such a test analysis should be done to every man, since 50 years, from year to year.If prostate cancer is to determine at the time, it can be cured in about 80 percent of cases.

Expert Opinion: Colonoscopy is the instrumental methods of investigation, but does not test analysis.

study pelvic Pap test

addition to the standard blood and urine tests to detect abnormalities of the uterus and ovaries, as well as fallopian tubes and vagina, are conducting a study of the pelvic organs.So, widen the vagina and carry out its inspection using a speculum.In addition, the Pap test is carried out - swab (scraping), which is taken from the cervix.

Expert Opinion: smear and scraping is not the same thing.Smear - is to take the material to the mucosal surface.Scraping - a scraping of epithelial cells of the mucous membrane in the determination of intracellular infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis).

pieces present in the sample of mucous membrane, which is studied under a microscope for the presence of inflammation and infection, as well as cancer cells.Total use of the Pap test for detection of cancer, deaths from the disease dropped by 70 percent.These methods show the most accurate data for a couple of weeks after month.Before we conduct a survey, two days to abstain from sexual relations.Avoid washing away with the use of funds for personal hygiene and medicine - because they are not accurate data.

analysis and timely diagnosis - a sure path to recovery from a difficult disease called cancer.It is important to carefully apply to themselves and to protect themselves from the negative sources of the external environment, to ensure proper nutrition and the rhythm of life.So, no disease will not be afraid.

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