Jet meningitis - this is the most dangerous form of infection that attacks the membranes of the brain and spinal cord.Due to the intensity of the disease, it is often referred to as "lightning meningitis." Jet meningitis becomes fatal to adults within hours after infection, and for children - only a few hours.

Pathogens jet meningitis may be group B streptococci, pneumococci, meningococci and other pathogens.In addition, the disease can occur as a complication of other diseases: otitis media, pneumonia, endocarditis, sinusitis, glomerulonephritis and others.

There are several basic ways to transfer reactive meningitis:

  • airborne;
  • pin;
  • chrezplatsentarny;
  • perineural;
  • hematogenous;
  • lymphogenous.

often reactive meningitis develops when cerebrospinal fluid caused by spinal cord or brain injury, fracture, or a fracture of the skull base.

Once in the body, infectious agents cause inflammation of the brain tissue and the meninges.Their further swelling entails a violation of microcirculation

in cerebral vessels and membranes, slowing absorption of cerebrospinal fluid and its secretion.In this case the patient intracranial pressure rises significantly, edema of the brain is formed.Subsequently, the inflammatory process extends to the brain substance but also on the spinal roots and cranial nerves.


  • 1 Symptoms of jet meningitis
  • 2 Diagnosis and treatment of reactive meningitis
  • 3 jet meningitis Treatment folk remedies
  • 4 Consequences jet meningitis
  • 5 Prevention jet meningitis

Symptoms of meningitis jet

first clinical signs of meningitis are reactive:

  • impaired consciousness;
  • fever, fever;
  • drowsiness and irritability;
  • muscle pain, "ache" in the body;
  • appearance of a sore throat;
  • vomiting, nausea;
  • severe headache, extending to the dorsal and cervical spine;
  • increased sensitivity to touch, light and sound;
  • curing neck and neck muscles;
  • general weakness;
  • irregular heartbeat;
  • appearance characteristic skin rash;
  • signs of nerve damage (deafness, paralysis, paresis);
  • swelling and tension of a large fontanelle in young children.

Often, in order to relieve the headache, the patient takes the following position: presses the bent knees to his stomach and throws his head back on his head.This characteristic behavior of the patient is also one of the symptoms of the disease.

Diagnosis and treatment of meningitis jet

Perform accurate diagnosis of meningitis can be reactive with the help of a lumbar puncture.The only way it can be distinguished from other similar clinical picture of the disease.Meanwhile, this procedure takes a lot of time, which often do not have the infected person.

addition to studies of cerebrospinal fluid, common methods of diagnosing meningitis are reactive:

  • fundus examination;
  • electroencephalography;
  • X-ray of the skull;
  • nuclear magnetic resonance and computed tomography.

In general, the diagnosis of meningitis can only be made if the patient three main features:

  • specific symptoms of meningitis;
  • signs indicating the presence of an infection;
  • changes in the composition of cerebrospinal fluid.

jet meningitis must be treated in a hospital and wearing an intense, complex.In some cases the features of the disease necessitates resuscitation procedures.

patient was prescribed strict bed rest, the course of emergency treatment with corticosteroids, antibiotics (vancomycin, ampicillin and other), supporting drugs, drinking plenty of fluids.In severe cases, the introduction of penicillin produced intralyumbalnoe.

jet meningitis Treatment folk remedies

is important to know that the cure jet meningitis alone, at home, it is impossible.Moreover, the lack of timely and competent medical treatment may cause a patient's death.Folk remedies in the treatment of reactive meningitis can only fulfill a supporting function, and only after the patient's condition will come in the relative rate.

For example, an excellent anticonvulsant in reactive meningitis can be a water infusion of inflorescences of lavender or peppermint leaves.In turn, relieve irritability and severe headaches with meningitis may be using the following tools:

  • broth, prepared on the basis of the collection of the leaves of rosemary, lavender flowers, primrose root, valerian root and peppermint leaves;
  • broth linden flower;
  • strong green tea with the addition of rose hips extract.

Before using any of the popular methods of treatment jet meningitis need to get proper medical advice.

Consequences jet meningitis

Unfortunately, even a timely diagnosis and intensive care are often not able to prevent the onset of the most severe consequences of reactive meningitis.The blood plasma of patients there is a noticeable decrease in the concentration of sodium ions (gipoatriemiya), there is septic shock, impaired blood clotting, there is complete deafness, blindness, or developmental delay.Moreover, timely begun treatment of the variety of bacterial meningitis does not guarantee a positive result: now death is fixed at 10% of all cases.

Prevention jet meningitis

main measure aimed at preventing the emergence and development of jet meningitis in adults and children, is vaccination.Meanwhile, vaccination does not guarantee absolute protection against infection.

addition, a number of preventive measures include:

  • avoiding contact with people with meningitis;
  • isolation of patients;
  • strict compliance with key rules of personal hygiene;
  • manifestation of heightened caution when making trips to potentially dangerous regions.