Serous meningitis - is a disease in which there are serous inflammatory changes in the brain membranes. etiology distinguish the following varieties of serous meningitis: Fungal, viral and bacterial (. Syphilitic, tuberculosis, etc.) meningitis.Furthermore distinguish primary and secondary forms.Primary meningitis is caused by a primary lesion of the meninges, which are not preceded by any infectious agents.Re-defeat of the meninges occurs after a previous infection, as a complication.

main causative agents of primary serous meningitis are Echo and Coxsackie enterovirus, choriomeningitis;secondary - polio virus, mumps (pig), measles, etc. The flow of serous viral meningitis usually benign and does not lead to serious complications, unlike purulent forms...However, in any form of the disease, treatment should be initiated immediately.


  • 1 transmission Path
  • 2 clinical picture
    • 2.1 Viral meningitis
    • 2.2 bacterial (TB) meningitis
  • 3 Asserous meningitis is not sick
  • 4 Prediction and Diagnosis
  • 5 Treatment of serous meningitis

Way transmission

infections There are two sources of infection.This is a man who has ill a serous meningitis and one who is healthy, but is a carrier of the virus.

Ways of infection are very diverse.The virus can be transmitted through dirty hands, poorly washed vegetables, fruits, through food.In crowded places and infection can occur through airborne droplets.The swimming pools and ponds as possible "catch" the virus that causes meningitis.

most susceptible immunonezaschischennaya remains the most part of the population - children under the age of 3 - 6 years.Schoolchildren greatly reduced susceptibility to these viruses.A serous meningitis in adults in general is extremely rare.Infants under 6 months do not get sick, because at this age they are still under the protection received from the mother's innate immunity.

It was the summer period is the peak incidence of serous meningitis, so we can talk about its seasonal nature.

clinical picture

Viral meningitis

Onset of the disease is characterized by the most acute course.The body temperature rises to 38-40 degrees.Patients concerned about persistent headaches, muscle aches.Often all this is accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea.Frequent manifestations of serous meningitis - a common restlessness, abdominal pain up to delirium and convulsions.But after 4-7 days there is a decrease in body temperature to normal, and 7 day disappear all meningeal symptoms.However, one must be careful and observe the condition of the patient, because after a while often the recurrence of the disease.In addition, symptoms may appear that indicate the pathological changes in the central and peripheral nervous system.Virological and serological methods of study help to ascertain the causative agent.

bacterial (TB) meningitis

disease is subacute character.In the prodromal period the patient is fatigue, headache, weakness, sweating, anorexia.In children, frequent manifestation of the disease - change of character.The child becomes whiny, touchy, increased weakness wants to sleep continuously in the background, lowered his mental activity.At the same time the body temperature is kept at a low-grade level.Against the backdrop of frequent headaches may occur vomiting.This period lasts for 2 to 3 weeks.After gradually begin to appear meningeal symptoms (stiffness in the neck muscles, symptom Kernig and others.).In some cases, patients complain of decreased vision, blurred vision of objects.If time does not diagnose the disease and begin treatment, the symptoms may appear, which indicate the focal brain damage: aphasia, paresis of the extremities and other

How not to get sick serous meningitis.?

  • Young children and adolescents prohibit swimming in open water.
  • Drink only boiled water.
  • Thoroughly wash and pour over the vegetables, berries and fruits before eating.
  • strictly adhere to the rules of personal hygiene.Required after every visit to the toilet and before eating to wash their hands using soap.
  • possible, to lead a healthy lifestyle, adhere to a correct and balanced food system, tempered, exercise, take vitamins, fully relax.

Prediction and Diagnosis

most often - favorable.The treatment lasts 2-3 weeks in the hospital.Children who recover from serous meningitis are a neurologist at the dispensary.

very important to timely and correct diagnosis.Diagnosed disease based on history (contacts), the main clinical symptoms (fever, meningeal symptoms) and characteristic changes in the cerebrospinal fluid.

Treatment of serous meningitis

As far as possible, treatment in the acute phase should start as soon as possible.It takes place in a hospital under constant supervision of the acute period should start as early as possible and to carry out in a hospital under the supervision of medical staff.Form and duration of treatment depend on the clinical form of the disease, and on the presence of complications.This has always respected the basic principles of treatment:

  • Antibiotic therapy;
  • Dezintaksikatsionnaya therapy (patient are appointed and administered intravenously albumin, blood plasma, Ringer's solution, etc...);
  • Vitamin therapy (vitamins B2, B6, kokarboksilaza, ascorbic acid);
  • Appointment in certain cases glucocorticoids;
  • Appointment diuretics (to reduce intracranial pressure and reduce the chances of cerebral edema);
  • As an additional procedure - oxygen therapy.