Amblyopia - ophthalmic disease associated with impaired vision as a result of violations of proper operation of the visual organs.In amblyopia popularly called "lazy eye disease", often it develops in one eye, which then does not take part in the perception of the surrounding world and the transfer of information about it in the brain center, the signals coming into the brain of the patient's eyes are completely ignored.Amblyopia can occur at any age.The most susceptible children up to seven years.

child with amblyopia develops in early childhood, it may not be aware of the existence of the defect.In the case of unilateral amblyopia vision correction needs a "lazy" eye.Bilateral disease progression in children with very severe nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Often such pathology leads to the development of strabismus.The man, who often perceive the world with one eye, in most cases, does not know about the problems with his vision.In this eye, the main function of which is broken, graduall

y deviate toward eventually squint becomes noticeable.Strabismus, in turn, can also be a major cause of amblyopia.Often the disease develops on the background of existing from birth pathology of visual organs (congenital strabismus, hyperopia, myopia, cataracts).In the adult amblyopia develops in the eye injury, acquired defects of the century, an ophthalmic lens or cornea.An important role in the development of the disease heredity plays.Chances are a child with amblyopia have parents with different pathology of organs of vision.the disease is often observed in children born prematurely, having little weight.

congenital amblyopia, a child may be diagnosed almost immediately after his birth.Suspect the presence of the disease is possible by the following features:

  • The child squints one eye;
  • child bows her head to better look at an object;
  • naughty child during sleep, since closing the patient's eyes gives him discomfort;
  • upper eyelids are different from each other (eyelid "lazy" eye, as a rule, a little hanging).

experts allocate three degrees of amblyopia:

  • low degree of factor in this case is 0.8 - 0.4.
  • average degree of ratio is 0.3 - 0.2.
  • high or very high degree of the coefficient of this is 0.1 - 0, 04.

Amblyopia can be refractive or strabismic.The first is related to the disruption of the eye due to improper refractive index falling within his rays of light, observed in severe farsightedness or nearsightedness.Strabismic amblyopia and strabismus usually accompanies it is a major complication.

accurate diagnosis can ophthalmologist.Routine inspection bodies of newborn held on attaining the age of 1 and 3 months.Second visit a specialist recommended by the child reaches six months old.Diagnosis of the disease is carried out by means of examination of the child eyes.If the newborn close relatives have vision problems, you should show it to your doctor as soon as possible.

development of amblyopia in adult accompanied by a deterioration of view.Typically, patients are turning to a specialist with a similar complaint.The diagnosis in this case is placed on the basis of the results of a conventional scan test.In an additional study eyes of patients assigned ophthalmoscopy - studying the retina with a special mirror (ophthalmoscope).

main goal of treatment of amblyopia like an adult and a child - make the patient eye to work alongside healthy.To apply this method occlusion.It consists in the following: with the help of special glasses or bandages healthy eyes completely off the process of perception of the world.This makes the "lazy" eye most actively work and develop, resulting in a vision it is fully restored.A child diagnosed with amblyopia tend to wear eyeglasses in their daily lives.Treatment of the disease over time allows you to get rid of this accessory.As adjunctive therapy commonly used special eye drops instillation, vacuum massage, the impact on the patient and laser eye ultrasound, electrical stimulation eyes, wearing special glasses-trainers.Modern methods of treatment of amblyopia is a video-computer method for anger management, which is to stimulate the activity of neurons in the cortex area of ​​the brain responsible for visual perception of reality, with the help of special video.This method is now used not only for the treatment of amblyopia, and other serious eye diseases.

Surgery is indicated in cases of treatment of the disease, when it acts as a complication of such pathologies as congenital cataracts, or clouding of the cornea.Also, surgery is used in some cases of strabismus.When the diagnosis of congenital cataract surgery is performed as soon as possible, in the first months of life.Surgery is only a preparatory stage of treatment of amblyopia.Next expert assigns a correction of the patient's eye.

Treatment of amblyopia in early childhood is a unique opportunity to rid the child of vision problems in the future.The disease does not pass on their own.Failure to treat it can lead to total blindness in a child's eyes, is not amenable to correction.Treat amblyopia should begin before the child reaches 6 years of age.It is to this age is the formation of the human visual system.At an early age vision correction runs the most successful and ensures complete freedom from delivering a lot of inconvenience to the pathology.