common in people after thirty years was the swelling of the upper eyelid.However, this symptom is often underestimated by associating it with the appearance of a reaction to an insect bite, although the reasons can be much more serious. is important to determine which character has a swelling - inflammatory or non-inflammatory.When the inflammatory edema observed redness, heat, pain when touched.On palpation can also detect a seal, in the case of abrasions, dacryocystitis, erysipelas or barley.In non-inflammatory swelling of the upper eyelid of the patient may be kidney disease and cardiovascular system, and at this point indicates bilateral edema, as well as the combination of the upper eyelid edema with swelling of the legs and ascites.

noninflammatory swelling of the eyelids can wear as allergic in nature, and in this case the swelling appears suddenly and disappear just as quickly.This swelling is one-sided, with upper eyelid swells.The cause of this swelling may be an allergic reaction to

foods, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.

When the upper eyelid swells due to an allergic reaction to cosmetics or food, then it is a special form of urticaria or angioedema.When this edema involves not only often eyelid - it extends to the choroid, the cornea, iris, and the optic nerve.This swelling can lead to complications - glaucoma and other unpleasant diseases.Such swelling can last a few days.

upper eyelid edema can be a traumatic and character - in this case the swelling is accompanied by bleeding under the skin, causing swelling of the place becomes cyanotic hue.Edema as a reaction to an insect bite in the summer, usually occurs around the bite itself - papules with a dot in the center.Such edema disappears by itself within a few days.

In addition, the upper eyelid edema may indicate a contagious disease, which even in impaired vision can lead over time.There are a number of eye diseases, among which there symptoms and swelling of the upper eyelid - is, for example, a squamous cell carcinoma.In addition, the upper eyelid swelling may indicate that a person is lowered immunity.

Very often the upper eyelid swelling is taken as barley and do not attach importance, not cure.To detect barley on the upper eyelid, you should know that inherently barley - an inflammation of the hair follicle and the sebaceous gland, located near the eyelashes.From swelling barley characterized by the presence of purulent head the size of a grain of barley, which appears a few days later of illness.The first signs of barley - a reddening of the eyes and the upper eyelid and the feeling that in the eye speck.Barley, the cause of which was the draft, usually accompanied by more pain and twitches.Barley can be located on the inner side of the century, and then externally it looks like a small swelling.This barley is the feeling of sand in the eye, he is more dangerous than the outside, since the bursting head purulent purulent mass flow inside and can cause damage to other glands.

There is a lot of money to get rid of barley, including the methods of alternative medicine - should be applied to the eye of a boiled egg, well help lotions from calendula and aloe juice that is diluted at a ratio of one to ten with water.Another pretty fun way - your barley someone has to show a fig, and not just a show, but could move it near the patient's eyes.It's funny, but the way this really helps.

Treatment of swelling depends on their reasons - first of all need to install the swelling property and eliminate the factor that it provokes.If the swelling is allergic in nature, it should be desensitizing agents, and in the eyes drip eye drops lubricate and place edema special ointment.Naturally, this should be done only after consultation with your doctor.

usually prescribed cold lotions and wiping solutions novocaine, anestezina and instillation of special preparations in the conjunctival sac.Lubricate the skin otёkshego plot can Prednisolone or tselestoderm.

In general, if the swelling does not have any apparent reason, or is regular, the patient should undertake a full inspection to identify chronic diseases, which may be a symptom of swelling of the upper eyelid.Any treatment will be ineffective, if only treat the symptoms, that is, to try to remove the swelling, but ignore the underlying cause.If the reason is simple - an allergy, especially the daily routine, the injury - it can be quickly eliminated by the very simple advice of traditional medicine, but if the swelling is the result of a serious illness, it is important not to lose time, to diagnose it in time and to begin treatment.