today for the treatment of ophthalmic diseases such as conjunctivitis, pharmacies can find a large number of drugs and drops.But they all differ in their impact, so on their own, without the advice of a qualified doctor - an ophthalmologist, is very difficult to make the right choice.

Conditionally eye drops are divided into three types:

  • from viral conjunctivitis;
  • from allergic conjunctivitis;
  • from bacterial conjunctivitis.

Viral conjunctivitis is accompanied by a strong lacrimation and mucus appears in the eyes, the allocation of which is a light character.The virus affects only one eye, but that conjunctivitis can be contagious.In order to treat viral conjunctivitis nature apply these types of drops:

1. «florenal» - 0,1% solution, which has a neutralizing effect on viruses.It is necessary to drip into the eyes of six times a day by one drop.

2. «Tebrofen» - 0,1% solution having an antiviral effect.Apply three times per day by one drop.Other doses of the drug can be prescr

ibed only by the doctor.

3. «Gludantan» - 0,1% solution, neutralizing the action of viruses.Usually one drop is used up to three times a day.If conjunctivitis complicated shape, the use of droplets was increased to six times per day.

4. «Floksal» - 0,3% solution, has an antibacterial effect.To apply you need four times a day by one drop.This drug has been used for no more than two weeks.

5. «Albucidum» - 20% or 30% solution of an antimicrobial drug that relieves redness.Droplets applied three times a day for one or two drops.The negative effect of "Albucidum" is a burning sensation that is felt for some time after treatment, so children are advised to bury the 20% solution, and adults - 30%.

6. «Oftadek» - 0,02% solution, has an antiseptic effect, applied to five times a day for two - three drops, if you want to use a different scheme, it is explained by the attending physician.

7. «Tobrex» - 0,3% solution is a fast and strong bactericidal antibiotic with a broad spectrum of action.Dosage depends on the disease, and they must appoint only the doctor - ophthalmologist.

Bacterial conjunctivitis, unlike a virus, affects both eyes and is accompanied by mucus.They can also be infected by a sick person.For its treatment applied:

1. «Albucidum» - 20% or 30% solution of an antimicrobial drug that relieves redness.The preparation is applied three times during the day, one or two drops.Babies recommended to bury only 20% solution, and the adults - 30%.

2. «Norsulfazol» - 10% solution.Before use, the eye should be rinsed, drip one or two drops three times a day.

3. 0,25% solution «chloramphenicol» drops.This drug has an antibacterial effect, but prescribe treatment with these drops can only be a doctor, and he also determines the method of use and dosage.

4. 0,25% solution «gentamicin» drops has the same effect as "Chloramphenicol".Before applying the drops be sure to consult with your doctor.

5. As the eye drops can be used sulfate zinc in solution.Its concentration is determined by the doctor, but it is standard is 0.25%, and in the case of acute disease course physician may increase the concentration to 1%.This solution must be instilled three times during the day, but not necessarily at regular intervals.

6. As with viral conjunctivitis may be used and such eye drops as "Oftadek" "Tobrex" "Floksal".

cause of allergic conjunctivitis may be such external stimuli, such as dust, pollen and odors variety of flowering plants.At the same forever blush, eye itching badly, pus.The most common allergic conjunctivitis treated with the following medications:

1. «Cortisone» - these drops should be used with caution, after consultation with the doctor.During pregnancy, the use of this drug is contraindicated.

2. «Claritin» - drops, rendering anti-allergy effects.It is used by one drop three times throughout the day.

3. «Lakrisifin» - is also antiallergic drug, but acts more strongly than "Claritin".It is used three times a day by one drop.

4. As with bacterial and viral conjunctivitis, well help drop «Oftadek» .

most difficult form of the disease is a chronic conjunctivitis that occurs most often in adults.Its appearance causes a lasting effect on the organs of external stimuli such as dust, smoke, chemical impurities in the air.This type of conjunctivitis is difficult to treat and it can last a long time.