Medical care in Israel are of highest quality and professionalism.Against the background of the rapid development of medicine, has achieved impressive successes Israeli oncology.A huge number of cancer patients from different countries trust their health to Israeli physicians.This demand is due to the innovative achievements of the Israeli doctors and scientists in the field of cancer treatment.The main features that influence the effectiveness of cancer treatment in Israel are:

  • quality diagnosis in the early stages
  • cancer holistic approach in the treatment of cancer, including traditional and innovative therapies
  • involvement in the development of a treatment planexperienced narrow specialists
  • continuous monitoring of the effectiveness of treatments
  • powerful rehabilitation tool for recovering cancer patients


  • 1 Modern methods of cancer treatment in Israel
  • 2 Surgical treatment of cancer in Israel
  • 3 Radiotherapy in Israel
  • 4 Chemotherapy
  • 5 Drug therapy
  • 6 Medical center Sheba

Modern methods of cancer treatmentIsrael

Today in Israeli hospitals have been successfully used both traditional and completely new treatments.All of them are based on the results of basic research and clinical trials, and were able to prove their effectiveness in practice.

surgical cancer treatment in Israel

basic treatment for cancer in Israeli hospitals is surgery.High professionalism of the Israeli experts enables complex surgery to remove cancerous tumors.

priority directions of cancer surgery is to conduct organosberegajushchih operations.Israeli surgeons do their best to maximally preserve the anatomical integrity of the affected cancer of organs or tissues.Another achievement is the introduction of Israel's surgery and the successful application of minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques remove cancerous tumors.These operations do not require large incisions and therefore involve less risk of bleeding, infection and other postoperative complications.

hereby Israeli medical breakthrough was the introduction of robotic surgery.The Da Vinci system has allowed Israeli doctors perform complex high-precision operation.Today, this technique has been used successfully in the treatment of prostate cancer.

Radiotherapy in Israel

main advantages of radiotherapy are in Israel:

  • combination of irradiation with taking chemotherapy drugs that increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to the effects of ionizing rays
  • introduction of innovative methods of radiation therapy, increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of radiation
  • powerful maintenance therapy in the period of preparation and holding of exposure

Today radiation therapy of cancer in Israel is carried out through the following modern methods:

  • IGRT - exposure to visual inspection.This method of precision irradiation for treatment is particularly effective moving tumors such as lung tumors radiation, which constantly move during breathing.
  • IMRT - radiation intensity modulated, suggesting the possibility of forming a field effect of ionizing rays of any size and shape, as well as the irradiation intensity changes at certain points.
  • SBRT - aiming high-radiotherapy.Special equipment allows to accurately calculate the maximum localization of the tumor and send her powerful narrow beam of rays, without affecting healthy tissue, minimizing the risk of side effects.
  • Novalis - is ultra linear accelerator equipped with a system of intelligent position correction of the patient's body in the six planes, which allows sighting radiation with the highest accuracy and destroy cancer tumors in a single session.
  • SIRT - an innovative method of treatment of cancer, through the introduction of sources of ionizing radiation (so-called SIR-spheres) directly into the tumor through the supply of its large blood vessels.
  • Brachytherapy - a method of killing cancer cells by introducing into the body of patients radio sources in the form of special plates.The method helps to more accurately and effectively act on the tumor cells, with minimal exposure to healthy tissue.


Today in Israeli research centers are under development and clinical testing of the effectiveness of new chemotherapy drugs.chemotherapeutic treatment plan in Israeli hospitals is developed individually for each patient, taking into account age, gender, general health, individual sensitivity to drugs, presence of concomitant diseases, etc.The key to the success of chemotherapy in Israel is a precise calculation of dosages and treatment cycles.During the course of therapy Israeli physicians closely monitor the extent effective treatment plan for the patient, and in the case of low performance indicators combine several drugs are administered together or new drugs.

Drug therapy

high efficiency of drug therapy in the treatment of cancer is determined by the precise selection of medicines.Before the appointment and support of anti-cancer drugs, the Israeli doctors conduct a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, which includes genetic research, test individual sensitivity to drugs, molecular diagnostics.

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