Accident dangerous suddenness of his - as a rule, do not have time to gather his thoughts and remember all the available knowledge on the subject.That is why for such emergency cases, as, for example, boiling water burns, you need a solid knowledge of what to do, to act automatically.

Burns boiling water or hot steam - statistically the most frequent burns.And in such cases it is necessary to take all measures for the treatment of burns, as there is a risk of joining infections and complications, not to mention the ugly scars that may remain, if not provided proper first aid for burns with boiling water.

But what should not do is panic.First, we should get rid of the clothes, which got hot water, steam or hot food.This is followed by the lower part of the body that was burned with boiling water, cool water in twenty minutes or a substitute under a stream of cold water.It is important to remember that the lower the water in the burn area can be used only if the skin is not broken.If the burn s

ite is small, it is enough to apply a compress soaked in cool water.

Seat or lay victim then so that the burned limb was on the dais, to reduce blood flow to the burned area and reduce the risk of edema.Then apply on the wound special medication that will prevent burns to spread more deeply into the skin layers.The most famous of these medications - olazol or panthenol.

To prevent wound infection, it is important to close the aseptic sterile bandage or cloth made of cotton fabric.The wound should be sure to close the same bandage, if the patient is heavy and must be transported to the hospital.If the damage is too extensive area, the patient can not be transported on their own - you need to call an ambulance.Pre-need to make sure that the patient has no other injuries, in addition to burns - sprains, fractures or injuries.

important to remember that in case of burns with boiling water or hot steam can not be strictly applied to the wound fat-containing products such as sour cream, buttermilk, oil, and the like, as it will only exacerbate the situation, besides the risk of scarring and complications increases in several times.

If the nature of the burn is easy enough - damaged a small area of ​​the skin - with the burn can easily cope at home.If the burn damage extensive area of ​​the skin, it is necessary to cause a brigade of "first aid" to them with all the precautions the patient was transported to the hospital.If boiling water burned child, then you need to see a doctor in any case, because the child's body responds to the stress of a burn can not be foreseen.It is important to realize that the younger the child, the more difficult the consequences could be.

Treatment depends on the degree of the burn.There are a first degree in which the redness of the skin, and sometimes form small bubbles.When second-degree burn is observed along with redness of the skin at the site of the burn and the formation of bubbles of large size.These bubbles can not be opened in any case.When third-degree burn occurs not just reddening of the skin, but also the deeper skin damage.To the doctor should contact in case of burns of the second and third degree, if damaged more than ten percent of the skin.

In steady-state conditions is carried out local treatment of burns on the open and closed type.Open type of treatment carried out by a fan, infrared radiation, which is subjected to the effects of burned skin to speed up the formation of the crust.Closed type of treatment involves bandaging the skin pretreated antiseptic and antibacterial agents such as chlorhexidine, furatsilina, chloramphenicol and hydrogen peroxide.

Traditional medicine offers several methods of first aid for burns with boiling water or hot steam.So, well to cope with the painful sensations of burns grated potatoes.It is necessary to grate some potatoes, and then attach to the burnt areas.This is one of the most popular folk remedies for treatment of burns.

Another common tool - a decoction of oak bark, for the preparation of which is to pour two tablespoons of dried and shredded oak bark a boiling one cup of water, put it on a small fire and boil for five to seven minutes.After that, the broth is cooled, filtered through a fine sieve or folded several times gauze, and then you need to wash the wound with this broth, moisten the compress in the same liquid and apply to the wound.

most affordable means to provide first aid for burns is black or green tea, because they always have a home at all.It is necessary to make the tea, cool to just warm to the touch, and then wash the burned area, wound tight bandage, bandage and again pour tea.