Hemoglobin is a protein that is in the red blood cells and that facilitates the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the tissues and cells of other organs, and lungs.Shortage of hemoglobin leads to difficulty breathing process in the cells of the body.This is called anemia.It negatively affects the well-being and health of the organism.However, there is also such a thing as an increase in the level of hemoglobin in the blood.This process is not so terrible, but it is also not a sign of a healthy body condition.


  • 1 High hemoglobin in women
  • 2 Elevated hemoglobin in men
  • 3 Elevated hemoglobin in children's blood
  • 4 Ways to reduce the level of hemoglobin

High hemoglobin in women

typically, increasing hemoglobin levels in women's blood is a relatively rare process, but still possible.One of the most common causes of increase of hemoglobin is considered active exercise and living in areas of high mountains.

As a result of this way of life in th

e air is rarefied air, transportation of which requires a larger amount of hemoglobin.Therefore, the body adapts to these changed conditions of life and as a result increases the amount of hemoglobin.

But if there are no such factors in a person's life, which contribute to an increase in hemoglobin in the blood, in this case most often speak of disease.As a result of this pathology in the human body can be formed and developed thrombi complex diseases.

One reason for the increase in hemoglobin may be pregnant.The fact is that during pregnancy in women functional changes occur, and as a result the new conditions.Therefore, in this period of hemoglobin in pregnant women can stand up and be from one hundred and fifty to one hundred and sixty.

also increase hemoglobin in the women's blood it can be triggered by taking multivitamin complexes or iron overload of the body.But over time, the body gets used, and the hemoglobin level drops to normal.

hemoglobin may increase due to pulmonary and cardiovascular insufficiency.This reason applies to women, as it turned out that they suffer from such illnesses more often.

In addition, the causes of increase in hemoglobin may include cancer, increased blood thickness, bowel obstruction, polycythemia, heredity and more.

Women with hemoglobin goes beyond the norm, usually experiencing a sleep disorder, redness of the skin and the general deterioration of health.Also, increased blood pressure.Against the background of high hemoglobin in women of different cancers, the long and painful menstruation can be developed.

Elevated hemoglobin in men

increased hemoglobin levels in the men's blood, which is detected as a result of general analysis of blood, it can be caused by lots of factors.

Increased hemoglobin can be influenced by both internal changes in the human body, as well as environmental factors.Therefore, factors that may cause a rise in blood hemoglobin male conditionally divided into several groups.

The first group of reasons that contribute to the increase in hemoglobin in men, primarily include cigarette smoking, especially if the man smokes more than five years.Besides acting on the body and a long and intense exercise.Also, hemoglobin increases living in the highlands.

The second group of reasons are those reasons which cause an increase in hemoglobin in the blood of men due to changes in blood composition.These causes include diseases such as polycythemia, pernicious anemia and hemolytic anemia.

When erythrocytosis increases and hemoglobin and red blood cells in the blood of men.The occurrence of such a phenomenon appears due to the reaction of the organism is not shortage of oxygen, which often occurs due to lung disease, heart and kidneys.

pernicious anemia resulting in a reduction in the number of erythrocytes, but simultaneously there is an increase in hemoglobin.This disease develops due to deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body.In addition, the development of this disease contributes to disruption of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, the violation of the stomach lining, which in turn causes malabsorption of vitamin B12 in the blood.

In the case of such diseases as hemolytic anemia in the male body occurs such a phenomenon as increase in hemoglobin in the blood plasma.This disease can be hereditary and acquired.The most common reasons for the increase in hemoglobin in the blood in the case of acquired hemolytic anemia are the gallstone disease, artificial heart valves, and the internal organs of the disease.

After receiving test results doctor will be able to evaluate the cause of the increase in hemoglobin and designate a treatment.If elevated hemoglobin in men is associated with the development of diseases that negatively affect the state of the blood, then the treatment is given in the direction of the organs or systems that struck these diseases.Thus, eliminating the disease, the body begins to function properly, which leads to the normalization of hemoglobin.

If the examination reveals that the organs and systems are working properly, and the body lacks components such as folic acid, vitamin B12, and the other, the treatment is directed entirely at replenishing the body such components.

also for the treatment of elevated hemoglobin used medicines that decrease the hemoglobin level by blood thinners.It is known that elevated hemoglobin in men's blood clotting process upsets, so the treatment is carried out with drugs that lead koagulorammy indicators back to normal.

Elevated hemoglobin in children's blood

in the blood of men and women the hemoglobin level is a bit different.In the children's blood, this figure can also vary depending on age and gender.So before you panic due to increased hemoglobin in the blood of your child, consult your doctor and find out the true cause of this phenomenon.

hemoglobin in children's blood can be increased due to taking the drug.Increased hemoglobin could be caused by large amounts of iron and vitamin C in the blood.In this case it is best to transfer your child's diet food.

Therefore, every mother should pay close attention to the health and status of their child.Elevated hemoglobin can also cause congenital disorders of functioning of the heart muscle.Quite often, a high hemoglobin level may appear due to lung disease.

In any case, do not panic if your child has found elevated hemoglobin.In order to make sure the diagnosis is made in a comprehensive blood test.It is possible that the cause of increased hemoglobin became a long stay in the room at a height.In children, puberty is also observed an increase in hemoglobin.But still follow the state of the child and at the slightest change being hand over a blood test.

Ways to reduce the level of hemoglobin

only and the surest way to address this serious problem is considered to be a fundamental change in human nutrition.This process includes the exclusion of those products that contribute to the improvement of hemoglobin in human blood.To do this you must renounce the use of red meat, red fruits and berries, cereals and by-products.Do not use multivitamin complexes that help to increase the level of hemoglobin.

As a solution to the issue with higher hemoglobin can be a means of traditional medicine.Quite often experts in this field with this illness are advised to take the mummy.That is, it leads to normal hemoglobin indicators, since it helps to even under reduced hemoglobin.To do this, take one tablet a day of purified mumie overnight.Treatment of such a drug is ten days.After the ten-day course should take a break for five days and then resume treatment.If you decide to increase or decrease the rate of hemoglobin in their blood, then you should know that this treatment is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, sedatives and sleeping pills.In applying the mummy try to lead an active life.Start tempered, swim, and take action that is sure to normalize the activity of the bone marrow, so exactly how he produces hemoglobin.

Sometimes, doctors recommend to undergo the procedure eritrotsitafereza.This procedure consists in the fact that out of your blood withdraw excess red blood cells and plasma and the necessary elements of the blood is returned to the patient.Suffice it effectively with this illness helps method hirudotherapy.This procedure is carried out through the use of medicinal leeches.After a few sessions, the level of hemoglobin in your body is normalized and stabilized by about six months.

should also be included in your diet soy, cheese, buckwheat, beans, raw vegetables and dairy products.In addition, twice a week should be done fasting days.

Besides all of the above ways to lower hemoglobin can offer you the most traditional.This application is the most common illness in such preparations, namely Trental and Cardiomagnyl.However, the use of these drugs, you may assign only the treating physician, taking into account individual readings of your blood test.