Somehow we are used to, that the term "menopause" we associate exclusively with women.But men, too, should look into this problem: age-related changes, disruptions and disturbances occurring in their male body.What can we say about the extinction function of the genitals.Moreover, the symptoms of male menopause are repeated almost all women's symptoms.All this gives grounds to declare the existence of male menopause.

The causes of male menopause becomes a job change as a result of the sexual glands reducing production of the hormone androgen.This occurs after forty years, but may occur much later - about seventy.In fact, the male menopause is nothing but a natural physiological process of aging.It should not cause panic, except when it provokes severe deterioration of health, of course.The reason for the anxiety may be too early menopause, which occurs up to forty-five years, as well as too late, which occurs after sixty, even a late climax today - in the order of things.It also occurs patho

logical climax, in which there are changes in the cardiovascular system of the body, as well as in the urogenital area.Menopause can also be accompanied by a pathological neurotic disorders.

During male menopause can dramatically decrease storage capabilities.A man visits the irrational fear, a sense of constant anxiety and excitement, which can sharply replaced by apathy, lethargy and sleepiness.

Very often, menopause causes a malfunction of the pancreas and thyroid gland, and therefore there is a risk of hypothyroidism.During this period, often develop diabetes.


  • 1 Symptoms of menopause in men
  • 2 menopause treatment in men
  • 3 Prevention of menopause in men

Symptoms of menopause inmen

symptoms of male menopause are very similar to women.There palpitations, dizzy spells.We have the same tide that is feeling the blood pouring-to-face, to the arms.Very often, when the male menopause is accompanied by pressure surges that may be complicated by the development of hypertension.

important to understand that physical activity and emotional changes can only aggravate the symptoms of male menopause.

main symptom, of course, should be considered as a decrease in sexual desire.Men report that their sexual acts become noticeably shorter, shorter even semen volume and ejaculation comes quickly.It noted a serious decline in potency.

addition, menopause is reflected in the appearance of men: change his skin, which becomes flabby.Muscles are not as resilient as before.On the buttocks and thighs appear excess fat.In some cases, there is even an increase in the breast.Men are very worried about it, and all the excitement and stress exacerbate the situation, increasing the symptoms.

treatment of menopause in men

appearance of the first symptoms of menopause in men - a good reason to think about that, and so it really a healthy life you lead?This period - is the time to give yourself a good rest, start moving more and spend time outdoors.It should pick up and its own power supply and its own weight.

First of all it is necessary to visit a doctor who shall appoint a comprehensive survey on the basis of the results of which he will be able to choose the right treatment for you.Typically, male menopause treatment involves medication, which includes and antidepressants, and sedatives and hormones.

For the normalization of the nervous system are used, depending on the severity of symptoms, as a very simple herbal drugs such as motherwort or valerian, and tranquilizers such as sebazona and sonopaksa.It is important to simultaneously improve cerebral blood flow - for this purpose used Courant and cavinton.

important step in the treatment of menopause in men is borrowing a good emotional climate in the family.Stressful situations exacerbate feelings povozhu men are losing their sexual possibilities that can lead to depression.

There are many folk remedies for treatment of menopause in men.Many of these remedies help to relieve the symptoms, but some symptoms altogether avoided.For example, take a bath, which add salt or coniferous concentrate and one vial of valerian.This bath soothes, improves sleep.It is better if you take a bath for ten days as a course of treatment.

Those who are concerned about the problems with potency, help tonics that increase pressure.Such an agent is a mixture of walnuts, pollen (pollen) and honey.A good tonic is also the celery, onion and carrot juice mixed with milk.

often used to relieve symptoms of male menopause such an infusion of herbs: a mixture of herbs Leonurus, valerian root, cumin and fennel is filled with boiling water and insist.This infusion take half a cup three times a day.It helps to reduce symptoms and herb St. John's wort, which is necessary not just to boil, but protomai quarter of an hour on low heat.Infusion take a cold three times a day on a tablespoon.

Do not leave without attention the climax, letting it take its course.It is important to prevent the complications that can occur in men, timely consultation with a physician, and passed a comprehensive examination.Menopause in men can provoke an aggravation of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis.Duration of male menopause varies from two to five years, after which all the symptoms usually disappear.

very important step in the treatment of menopause is to restore full sexual life, its regularity and pace.A few decades ago there was a theory that during menopause it is important for men to maintain sexual rest.However, this theory was untenable.

Prevention of menopause in men

Prevention menopause, unlike other disease prevention, is not aimed at the elimination of the disease, and to prevent pathological manifestations of menopause.That is why a man with the appearance of the first symptoms should always see a doctor together to determine which side of their own health should pay particular attention.