Caries - a microbial destruction of hard tooth tissues, resulting in the formation cavities of different depths and sizes.Cavities formed in the teeth where plaque accumulates, consisting of bacteria and debris.The result of the activity of bacteria in the plaque thicker allocated numerous acid damaging the enamel.

case of insufficient hygiene and the use of large amounts of sweet spread occurs caries germs and more healthy teeth affected by caries.Today, tooth decay has every second child.It occurs even in children under two years of age.


  • 1 causes of tooth decay in children
  • 2 Stage caries
  • 3 caries of temporary teeth
  • 4 Treatment of caries
  • 5 children Prevention

causes of tooth decay in children

  • Drinking large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates (sweet drinks, candy, cookies, bread, pasta)
  • Insufficient or improper hygieneoral
  • Insufficient strength of dental tissues
  • Lack of calcium and phosphorus in the body
  • Reduced immunity and intestin
    al damage
  • Violation of the integrity of the enamel.The appearance of cracks in the enamel, contributes to a sharp temperature drop food intake, for example, when a child washes down with hot tea ice cream.
  • Changes in the composition and amount of saliva flow
  • Genetic predisposition

Stage caries

  1. Stage white rough spots.On the enamel surface spots having different shapes, gray or light brown.This step goes unnoticed because there is no pain.
  2. On the surface caries affected tooth enamel and forms a small cavity of a dark color.Pain in this step may be caused by taking the acidic or salty food.
  3. With the development of medium-caries affected the whole of the enamel and dentin.Admission cold or hot food causes pain.
  4. Deep caries lesions is accompanied by most of the dentin.Painful sensations occur when the temperature, chemical and mechanical effects.

caries of temporary teeth

Frequent feeding children a sweet drink from the bottle causes the development of caries of temporary teeth, or so-called "bottle caries".Milk formula, sweet tea, juices, fruit drinks and other sugary drinks from a bottle is a good culture medium for microbial growth.They destroy the hard tooth tissue, which leads to the early development of dental caries.The teeth become thinner so strong that break off in weak masticatory loads.

In children 3-6 years old deciduous teeth caries develops on the lateral surfaces of the teeth.This contributes to food often accumulates in the interdental spaces.When the cavity on the side surfaces of the adjacent teeth in the end formed a contact cavities.In most cases it develops between time premolars.Untreated caries of temporary teeth will inevitably lead to tooth decay in permanent teeth.Therefore, timely treatment to the dentist can prevent the development of caries of deciduous teeth and its further spread to the permanent teeth.

Treatment of caries in children

now possible dental treatment without pain.There are modern drugs, tools to painlessly treat carious teeth and install the seal.Certainly not the last role is and emotional contact with the child.Children's dentist should be a beautiful child psychologist, to find contact with the child.Otherwise, further treatment turn into a nightmare for the child and for the parents.

Treatment of caries depends on its stage.At the initial stage (stage rough spots) using a special saturated solution based on calcium, phosphorus and fluorine.At the stage surface, medium and deep caries, when there is a carious cavity, filling it requires.Teeth sealed with special composite compounds containing fluorine.

There are modern methods of treatment of dental caries, which is to use laser and ozone.When using the laser is not necessary in the tooth drilling.The laser beam acts selectively on the healthy and the affected tooth tissues and has a disinfectant action.Ozone is supplied to the aching tooth through a special gasket for a short time.As a result, the disinfectant action of microorganisms causing dental caries die.


caries prevention can prevent development of the disease.Parents should always adhere to the following preventive rules.

  1. Proper dental care.As soon as teeth erupt, parents should teach children to properly clean them.This process is long and requires patience from parents.What is important is also a personal example.Teeth should be cleaned 2 times a day: in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after dinner.Toothpaste and brush should be of high quality and meet the child's age.
  2. Vitamins and mineral supplements that contain calcium and fluoride.
  3. balanced diet.The full maternal nutrition has a great influence on the formation of the teeth in the unborn child during pregnancy.Different diseases, early transfer to artificial feeding contributes to abnormal development of the milk teeth.With proper nutrition child will have healthy teeth.To do this, he must eat foods containing calcium (milk, cheese, yogurt), a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables.Number of sweets (candy, jam, cookies, soda) should be limited because there is sugar when there is a rapid multiplication of germs that cause tooth decay.
  4. Hardening child enhances immunity.It is known that caries occurs in sickly children.
  5. Regular visits to the dentist for the early detection of dental caries, as well as for sealing of fissures with special sealants.Sealants hardens under the influence of the special lamp release fluoride, which strengthens the chewing surface of the teeth.