sore throat - a rather unpleasant symptom which may begin very suddenly.It is accompanied by a loud cough.The man with tears in his eyes protrude.To stop such an attack is not possible quickly.And very sorry person to whom it happened.


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  • 3 recipe for those who are troubled sore throat

Causes sore throat

The reasons for this can be very different.After the unpleasant sensation in the throat may occur due to a number of diseases.All of them can be divided into two groups: inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases.

The first group includes such changes in the pharynx, with which there are various kinds of inflammation.This can be when:

  • pharyngitis,
  • nazafaringitah
  • acute respiratory viral infections (ARI).

These conditions are very dangerous because the infection can go to the region of the lower respiratory tract (trachea, bronchi) and lungs.Therefore, their timely diagnosis and treatment to avoid

such unpleasant complications.

The other group consists of non-infectious etiology of the disease.

throat disorders of the nervous system (neurosis pharynx) .The reason for such a state can be the defeat of nerves innervating the throat or centers in the brain.At the same time, together with tickling there are a number of other symptoms, talking about the violation of sensitivity: tingling, numbness, pain in the throat, extending to the tongue or ears, not passing a feeling of "lump in the throat," pressure.Occur and changes in muscle function - inability to swallow, choke.All these manifestations may occur in syphilis, CNS disorders, brain tumors.

allergy. Allergic manifestations, different in nature, can also trigger a sore throat.An example of this: the body's hypersensitivity to pollen, dust, pet hair.In this case, be sure to exclude the direct impact of allergies on the source organism.

throat diseases professional nature .People in certain occupations (singers, teachers, workers of dusty industries: metallurgy, slingers, miners) take this symptom as a result of their activities.At the same time, accompanied by the scratchy also hoarseness.And it is connected, in this case, with frequent stresses pharynx voice unit or with constant exposure of the body heat and dust.

Thyroid.Thus sore often occurs when the disease is accompanied by the development of tumors (e.g., nodes).Develop and other specific features.

Reflux esophagitis .Thus there is a cast of acidic stomach contents into the overlying units.This occurs after a meal and causes throat irritation.

sore throat children.During the games at constant motion children overtaxed vocal apparatus.It occurs quite often.

If the sore throat is constantly worried about, then you need to, without delay, to seek help from a specialist.

When this symptom after eating, lying down, you should immediately consult a specialist doctor.For sore throat, in this case may indicate the presence in the body is very serious diseases: gastric ulcer, gastritis, esophageal hernia, cholecystitis.

sore throat treatment

The first thing to do is determine a symptom of the disease is the occurrence of unpleasant sensations.Therefore, a visit to the doctor is required.

Treatment will depend on the pathology to be determined by an expert.

local antiseptics (Falimint, libeksin, Geksoral, Faringosept, ingalipt) used in inflammatory processes.

If the infection is bacterial in nature, topically administered bioparoks.Apply anti-inflammatory drugs: extracts of calendula, sage, chamomile (not tincture !!!).Rinsing should be carried out 4-5 times a day.Good effect has a warm drink, for example, warm milk or tea with honey.For the whole period of treatment needed to stop smoking, alcohol, salty and spicy food.In addition, avoid stress on the throat.

If a sore throat has been provoked by any allergens, antihistamines appointed course.This can be tavegil, zirtek, suprastin pulsatilethus, if possible, it is best to avoid direct contact with allergens.Every day you spend in the apartment wet cleaning, get rid of places subject to dust (carpets, soft toys, etc.).

If sore causes neurological, obligatory consultation of a specialist - a neurologist.If unable to eliminate the cause, symptomatic treatment is prescribed, which will eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

When reflux izofagite first need to adjust the power.It should be fractional and frequent.Be sure to eliminate carbonated and acidic beverages, cigarettes, alcohol, smoked and spicy food.If possible, limit the use of flour, fried and fatty.The food should not be hot or too cold.

recipe for those who are troubled sore throat

very frustrating when a tickle in the throat, followed by paroxysmal cough occurs in a public place.It's very annoying to those around you.This recipe is suitable for those who often scratchy cough.

Take onions (2 medium onions) and oil (preferably unrefined sunflower oil 1 cup).

finely chopped onion, place in a pan with sunflower oil and fry until such a state, until golden brown.Then take a cheesecloth and strain the oil through it.Allow to cool.Then use this oil for gargling.This recipe has long been used in the treatment of sore Siberia.If the inside of the throat like tickle, this recipe is sure to help.

And very necessary advice: carry a mint.Especially in this day to be a report and so on. N. It does not cure the cause, but at least relieve sore and bad cough.