Cataracts - a disease associated with clouding of the eye lens.It may develop in one eye, and both, the lens can affect all or any part of it.

In medical practice, there are several types of the disease:

  • Cortical cataract is characterized by lesions of some part of the eye lens, white stripes in the outer edge of its shell.As the disease white stripes are wider and do not reflect light to the patient's eye, while there are problems with contrast and brightness of the breach, my eyes focus, a distorted perception of the surroundings.
  • Nuclear cataracts develop in the center of the lens.At the same time the patient begins to fall eyesight problems distinguishing certain colors, develop myopia, the lens takes on a yellowish color and becomes more dense.
  • subcapsular cataract is located in a small area of ​​the lens.It causes complications vision in bright light, reading difficulties, the appearance before the eyes of so-called "crown of the world."
  • Congenital cataracts may be developed as a
    result of certain deferred mother during pregnancy diseases.For example, rubella.Most congenital cataract does not require removal.

of cataracts is subject to each individual, but at risk include people who have reached 65 years of age who are suffering from diabetes, as well as those whose relatives have cataracts.The main causes of the disease include: inflammation of the old visual organ, eye injuries, long-term use of certain medications, smoking, radiation, prolonged exposure under infrared or ultraviolet radiation deficiency in any of the required materials.

The main symptoms of the disease include:

  • deterioration of night vision and orientation in the dark;
  • Reduced visual acuity, blurred eyes and a vague semblance of surrounding objects;
  • increased perception of bright daylight;
  • weak perception of different colors;
  • Double vision in one eye if the other eye is closed;
  • The need bright light for reading;

If there is at least some of these symptoms, it makes sense to appeal to the specialist.The main symptom of senile cataract is myopia.If the patient does not see the light source, it indicates the presence of other eye diseases: retinal detachment, glaucoma and others.

Screening for cataract involves several steps: study of visual acuity, the study of eye with a special microscope - slit lamp, retinal eye research.After a thorough examination and diagnosis, the physician should offer the patient the most appropriate method of treatment to him: operative or medical.

Treatment of cataract medicines possible in the early stages of disease development.It involves the use of special eye drops, absorbable lens opacity: Katahrom, vitsein drops Smirnov vitafakol, vitaiodurol.In appointing the drug should take into account the individual characteristics of the patient, which led to the development of cataracts: his age, presence of diabetes mellitus.It should also be understood that the drops do not completely cure the disease, and only able to suspend it.

the treatment of cataract commonly used replacement therapy, which consists in receiving materials and the lack of which was the cause of the disease.Most of the eye drops include substances such as nicotinic acid, ascorbic acid, potassium iodide, calcium, cysteine ​​and magnesium.Very useful of these substances joint instillation of 5% glucose solution, because it improves power ophthalmic lens.The droplets should be applied for a long time even upon the occurrence of improvements.

mainly cataracts are not considered to be very dangerous for the eye disease.The exceptions are those cases where the lens becomes completely white.In this case, possible deterioration of health associated with headaches and the development of inflammatory processes in the affected eye.This type of cataract is uncommon and requires prompt surgical intervention.

most common and effective treatment for cataracts is surgery.Thanks to modern methods and means of treatment of the patient after her eyesight can be restored almost fully.Treatment outcome and curled from the moment of recourse.The earlier the disease is detected, the more successful it will take the cure.

There are several operating methods of getting rid of the cataract.Light phacoemulsification requires lifelong replacement darkened lens artificial.This procedure appeared over 30 years ago, it is carried out through a small incision in the patient's eye and allows almost immediately to restore vision to the full.The operation takes less than an hour of time, after the completion of the patient can go home immediately.At the same time it is not recommended during the 3 days lift weights and drastically lower the head down.The main advantage of surgery is that it can be carried out at any stage of the disease and the patient of any age.

Another way to restore vision is a multi-cataract surgery, which also involves the implantation of an artificial lens of the eye, correcting farsightedness and nearsightedness.When the patient is able to equally good to see near and distant objects without glasses.

cause of cataracts often becomes aging, so the most effective method of prevention is her annual check-ups by an ophthalmologist to reach 65 - the age, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, and smoking cessation.