Everyone should take care of their health, prevent chronic diseases.A particular care is necessary to monitor the health of children as well as a violation of the organs leads to complications.

For children and adults is not uncommon for colds and coughs.Parents are trying to use to treat various cough syrups and herbs, but the cough returned.Modern medicine knows more than fifty causes coughing.Unfortunately, cough, especially choking, may be the body's response to allergens.

allergens - substances capable of when ingested cause an overreaction of the immune system.

Cough allergy differs from cough in whooping cough and bronchitis, as there is swelling of the throat, there is no sputum production and cough turns "barking" dry.The patient may complain of a lack of oxygen, as the swells mucous membrane of the larynx and bronchi.The second sign of allergic cough - the lack of high temperature, headache, chills.

particularly susceptible to this disease children with early childhood diathesis

.The first signs of allergies can occur from birth.Allergic cough can occur during flowering, so cough starts when leaving the house.In summer, the allergen may be freshly cut grass in the autumn - the smoke from the fires.Allergies can occur at animal dander, household dust, pollen, flowers, food, medicines, plants, smoke smokers.Even very small particles of these substances can cause allergic cough attack - one of the symptoms of allergy.This cough is most often in children.

Treatment of allergic cough

very important to parents in time to determine which objects and phenomena occurs such a reaction of the body.If the home is not possible, it is necessary to turn to professionals and get tested.If the child is older than five years, can recommend skarifikatsionnye samples (injection under the skin of small amounts of the allergen to test the body's reactions to it).In children under five years of treatment is carried out on the basis of examination, blood tests and a survey of parents.

After identifying the allergen is necessary to prevent contact with him, but unfortunately, it is impossible to completely do so.If you are allergic to animal dander, if the allergen can meet and walk.The same applies to dust and chemicals.In this case, returning home, it is necessary to process the nasopharynx isotonic sodium chloride solution or at least a warm clean water.In the room where the child is, you must do daily wet cleaning, airing, remove dust sources.Remove all of the children's room colors.Use only gippoallergennye powders and cosmetics for children.Improve the condition of a patient suffering from an allergic cough, can a humidifier with ioniser.

Allergic cough is dangerous complications: first, these children formed chronic bronchitis, which can turn into asthma.Launched allergic coughing is paroxysmal in nature and is accompanied by spasms of the larynx, and in young children is possible seizures.

allergy, including cough, in children and adults treated together allergist and a dietitian.

Nowadays there are a sufficient number of antihistamines ( "Suprastin", "Tavegil", "Diazolin" and others.), After the introduction of which in the form of injections, coughing stops for about ten minutes.If these drugs are used in the tablets decreases swelling after twenty minutes, and they are twelve hours.Patients are assigned sorbents for the purification of the body, such as "Enterosgel" and antitussives

Alternative Medicine advises to prepare a decoction of laurel leaves, a tablespoon of honey and a pinch of baking soda.Take the fourth part of the glass.There are other people's money, reduce allergic reactions, but abusing them in the treatment of allergic cough is not worth it, better to consult a doctor as herbs can also be allergens.

treatment of allergy - a lengthy process that may take several years, so it is important prevention.

about the child's health to worry during pregnancy: do not be nervous, avoid contact with chemicals, a walk in the fresh air, eat right, limit the use of allergenic foods.When a child is born, it is necessary to observe hygiene, ventilate the baby and do wet cleaning several times a day.Wallpaper for child choose a completely smooth, without ridges, hanging curtains thin, easily washable.It is important to take action at the manifestation of the diathesis: only appeared rash and redness - the child's transfer to a diet.