Psoriasis is an incurable disease characterized by the appearance of the skin for a long time do not pass the gray-white dry plaques of various sizes. Elimination of the main symptoms of the disease and alleviate the patient's life contributes to the use of various ointments.Treatment of one or another agent prescribed depending on the shape, stage of disease, and age of the patient.Currently antipsoriasis range of products is large enough.It sprays, gels, sprays.However, the most effective drugs for combating this dermatitis is still considered an ointment by a fat-based, since they have a softening effect.Dry skin and formed on it as a result of the disease crust prevent the penetration of therapeutic substances into it covers, to the very site of inflammation.Conventional gels and aerosols, rubbed into the skin, tend to remain on the surface, not bringing the desired results.Ointment helps to soften the skin peels and penetration under them its main component.However, be aware that any ointme

nt relates to medicines and has side effects.Assign it can only be a specialist.

All drugs used to treat psoriasis are divided into four classes:

  • Weak assigned patients with minor skin lesions.Such an ointment can be used to treat children of two years.The safest drug for psoriasis is considered Hydrocortisone Ointment.Its main component - hydrocortisone acetate suppresses excessive leukocyte activity and limits their movement to the affected area of ​​the skin disease.In the ointment include petrolatum, allows to get rid of the feeling of the skin stunyatosti.As a result of its application area of ​​skin lesions is significantly reduced, accelerating skin cell regeneration.When connecting a secondary bacterial or fungal infection treatment with hydrocortisone, as a rule, it should be discontinued.Application of ointment is not contraindicated for pregnant women, the treatment process in such cases must be conducted under the supervision of a specialist.Because side effects are known: swelling of the skin, the appearance of itching, redness.
  • moderate appointed in the absence of a positive outcome in the treatment of hydrocortisone and more extensive skin lesions.Representative of this class of medicines is an ointment flumethasone pivalate actively struggling with skin inflammation and itching it.This drug is indicated in patients whose skin often bleeds or becomes wet.The course of treatment lasts no more than two weeks, with more long-term use may occur as side effects of increased pigmentation and skin thinning.
  • strengths appointed in the case of extensive lesions of the skin disease and the development of psoriatic arthritis.Ointment Triamcinolone acetonide has anti-inflammatory effect, reduces itching and skin wetting.The use of this drug is only possible for a short time, during the exacerbation of the disease.The main side effect is skin atrophy.Treatment is carried out under medical supervision.
  • very strong, appointed expert in the rare cases when other drugs do not bring relief to the patient.Kloveyt ointment (clobetasol propionate) has a strong anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor action.Contraindications include: children's age, pregnancy, infectious disease.Do not use the ointment more than two consecutive weeks.Of the side effects distinguished: acne, hair loss, skin atrophy.

All these drugs belong to a group of corticosteroids, ie they are hormonal.their treatment is not always shown.Currently, there are many ointments for psoriasis, which are based on safer for human health, non-hormonal agents.

example, salicylic ointment (Diprosalik) copes well with the effects of psoriasis, it helps to eliminate dead skin cells from the surface, thereby providing a more rapid penetration to the site of inflammation other medicinal products.The amount of ointment depends on the degree of skin lesions.Keep in mind the larger the inflammation, the more you want to apply the ointment to the affected area.Elimination of dead skin particles promotes the use of special Anthralin ointment.This tool is a derivative of crude oil, it is applied to a thin layer of skin and rinsed off after one hour.Today Anthralin used to treat psoriasis in many foreign clinics.

In a period when psoriasis is not active, it is necessary to lubricate the skin naphthalan ointment preparation rather unpleasant, but effective.The main components of the ointment - naphthalene known to mankind since the late 19th century and is nothing other than the specific type of oil.This material has unique healing properties, reduces inflammation, promotes rapid cell regeneration, because quite often used to treat psoriasis.It should be remembered that the ointment on the basis of Naftalan has some toxicity.Do not use the drug more than 15 times for one course of treatment.Ointments, which include sulfur, usually well help to deal with the inflammation, however, they are contraindicated in patients with weeping (exudative) form of the disease.

treatment of severe psoriasis with extensive skin lesions is carried out comprehensively.In addition to ointments appointed pills, injections for intravenous injection, photochemotherapy, physiotherapy.If psoriasis is an incurable disease, it does not mean that it is not necessary to treat.No treatment of the disease can only worsen it.Continuously formed on psoriatic plaque skin penetration enhancer in the skin of pathogens, leading to the development of secondary and highly dangerous diseases, so the use of ointments is a prerequisite for any form of therapy for psoriasis.