healing properties of elecampane have long been known and is widely used in folk medicine.Most preferred for use tall plants having a straight stem and have reached the age of three, as more young grass contains no more sufficient amount of nutrients.

order to procure the raw material is necessary to carefully dig the plant out of the ground, shake it, remove the stalk and roots, and the remaining root rinse thoroughly.If the root is too thick and wide, it should be cut and put a thin layer on the paper for further drying.Usually the workpiece is left in direct sunlight for three days.To use the oven or stove to dry the roots are not recommended, as in this case, lost almost all the therapeutic effect of elecampane.


  • 1 properties elecampane
  • 2 Application elecampane
  • 3 Use infusion of elecampane
  • 4 decoction of elecampane
  • 5 root elecampane
    • 5.1 Treatment degenerative disc disease and sciatica
    • 5.2 Tea cough
    • 5.3 Treatment of tuberculosis
  • 6 Contraindications elecampane

properties elecampane

most useful properties of the plant are the rhizome and roots.These include waxes, various resins crystallize essential oil, vitamin E, insulin polysaccharide, saponin and mucus.Made from the roots of elecampane decoction prescribed for the treatment of inflammation of the stomach and intestines, to strengthen the body for bronchitis and cough with thick secretions, as well as liver and kidney diseases.Elecampane is a diuretic, anthelmintic and anti-inflammatory action.

Vitamin E contributes to a long-term preservation of youth, because it is a natural natural antioxidant.Decoction of elecampane are added to the bath, which is very useful in skin diseases.It is also practiced by topical application of the ointment of the elecampane, which effectively relieves itching and scabies.Various mucus and resins that make up plants, have a favorable effect on the enveloping wall of the stomach, intestines and zёva, protecting them from the mucous irritation.

Application elecampane

From the roots of elecampane, often make the infusion or decoction, which is added to the tea for pain in the stomach or chest and skinny.Traditional medicine and treatment practices with special ointments made from this healing herbs that are indispensable for scabies.Freshly picked leaves elecampane is very useful to put on a variety of tumors, sores, scrofulous and erysipelatous skin.Peretёrtye powdered elecampane roots mixed with pork fat melted have a great healing effect in deep wounds.

Use infusion of elecampane

medicinal tincture made from the roots of the plant, is considered one of the most effective means for the treatment of gastric diseases such as gastritis or ulcer.It is recommended to drink a tablespoon of the infusion, and after taking two spoonfuls of melted pork fat.This recipe is also useful in goiter, sciatica, and disorders of the nervous system.The infusion of elecampane helps eliminate dental pain, lower blood pressure and to carry out prevention against heart disease.

decoction of elecampane

Broth made from elecampane, reduces the amount of mucus from the respiratory tract, but also contributes to a more efficient discharge of phlegm colds.In addition, there is a normalization of intestinal motility and metabolism, improves digestion and stimulates the appetite, which helps to easily transfer cough with tuberculosis.

decoction of elecampane is widely used in ulcer disease, gastritis, infectious diarrhea, colitis and scanty menstruation.It is also used to rinse the throat, allowing you to quickly relieve inflammation and eliminate pain.Decoction of the roots of elecampane useful to wash, dry wounds, cleaning them thus from pollution.

To prepare the broth must be teaspoon crushed roots elecampane, pour a glass of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes on low heat and infuse for 4 hours.The resulting recommended to take the drug several times a day on the dessert spoon.

root elecampane

root and rhizome of the plant is widely used for the treatment of diseases such as pulmonary tuberculosis, because they have a tonic and diuretic, as well as help to expectorate.Harvested roots are usually in the fall or early spring.

For the prevention of rheumatic fever are preparing the following means: 20 g elecampane and burdock roots pour a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse for 20 minutes.Take the infusion should be on the dessert spoon four times a day.

For the treatment of respiratory need to pour two glasses of water a spoonful of shredded elecampane roots and insist for 8 hours.Take your medicine should be one hour before meals for half a glass, seizing a small amount of honey.

Treatment degenerative disc disease and sciatica

In the three-liter jar it is necessary to lay out a large handful of dried and pre peretёrtyh roots elecampane, add 100 g of yeast and 500 g of honey and then pour boiled water up to the top.This is followed by puncture in pure rubber glove holes to put it on the jar and put the container in a warm place, covering tightly with a cloth.you need to make a couple of weeks that the contents of the jars begin to ferment, pass it through a cheesecloth and put in storage in the refrigerator.Take this medicine is recommended in the morning and before going to bed half a cup, eating honey.Well it helps with osteochondrosis and radiculitis.

Tea cough

for tea need a teaspoon of rhizomes elecampane pour a liter of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes to infuse.Take this tea with honey must be a glass three times a day.When asthma is recommended to squeeze the juice from the roots of elecampane, and add to it fresh honey in the ratio 1: 1.Take this medicine three times a day you need a teaspoon 20 minutes before eating.

Treatment of tuberculosis

Half a liter of vodka mixed with two full cups of chopped fresh elecampane roots and insist 9 days.Drink the medicine recommended a tablespoon before each meal for three months.

Contraindications Elecampane

Take the medicine, based on the premises nard, is contraindicated for people suffering from kidney disease and heart disease, and pregnant women.With excessive use of decoction of elecampane could experience symptoms of poisoning.Also, do not abuse the plant with scanty menstruation, excessive viscosity of the blood and bowel diseases, which are accompanied by chronic atonic constipation.