Yarrow is widely known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.This plant has a positive effect on the functioning of internal organs, promotes the efficient formation of mucus, and also helps the intestines to get rid of gas.Yarrow mildly affects the intestinal smooth muscle, providing an antispasmodic effect on the urinary and biliary tract.Due to the high content of tannins, essential oil and chamazulene plant is used as a bactericide, wound healing and anti-allergic agents.


  • 1 Application yarrow
    • 1.1 Broth Yarrow
    • 1.2 Juice yarrow
    • 1.3 Infusion of yarrow
    • 1.4 alcohol tincture
    • 1.5 Therapeutic baths
  • 2 yarrow composed fees
  • 3 Contraindications

Application yarrow

Infusion of the plant is used to enhance clotting of blood, thereby reducing the risk of blood clots.In addition, yarrow is able to normalize the heart rate and to remove pain during burns.In folk medicine used ground part of the plant to treat a variety of inflamm

ation and bleeding.It is widely known positive effect of yarrow with gastric ulcers, flatulence, gastritis, and heavy menstruation.The plant is effectively helps with dysentery, improves digestion and increases appetite.

Broth Yarrow treat tuberculosis, coughing up blood and eliminate nosebleeds.Infusion of the plant is recommended at a hysteria, diathesis, obesity, urinary incontinence, and to improve lactation.Yarrow helps to cure atherosclerosis and bleeding gums.From the medicinal broth made enema, which are effective for hemorrhoids.Baths with yarrow help with diseases of the skin and juice of the plant is used as a means of reinforcing the immune system.It should be noted that the juice of fresh yarrow is an excellent remedy for ulcers, fistulas and skin tuberculosis.

Broth Yarrow

In diabetes and obesity is recommended to use a decoction of yarrow.To cook it you need to grind a tablespoon of herbs to brew cup boiling water, bring to a boil and infuse 40 minutes.Strained broth should be taken after eating half a cup.

Broth plants are effective in asthma, skin and respiratory diseases, as well as severe headaches.The aqueous decoction of yarrow is used for the treatment of stone-renal and renal disease.In addition, this medicine is very good for stomach and heart problems, it is often used as an effective expectorant.

yarrow juice

Fresh green leaves of the plant rinse in cold water, chop until a pulp and squeeze the juice.This medication should be taken orally on a teaspoon three times a day topically for irrigation and lotions affected areas of the skin and to rinse with periodontitis.

plant juice is indicated for the treatment of anemia, its action prevents the formation of gallstones in the liver and kidneys.yarrow based formulations can be used for diseases relating to blood.Such drugs are sufficiently soft impact on the body, so that even long-term use did not lead to thrombosis.

Infusion of yarrow

Infusion of herbs recommended for catarrh of the respiratory tract, as well as a means of improving digestion and raising appetite.Infusion of yarrow helps to increase the amount of breast milk and is very useful in disorders of menstruation.Excellent results it gives and in gynecological practice, especially in diseases of inflammatory nature.

To prepare you need 15 g of chopped herbs pour a glass of water and steamed for 20 minutes in a water bath, stirring occasionally.Then cool the mixture to room temperature, strain and pour the water to get the original volume.Take the infusion should be warm a tablespoon four times a day.Such medicine can be stored in the refrigerator.

alcohol tincture

mixture of flowers, stems and leaves of yarrow pour vodka in a ratio of 1: 5 and put on a week in a dark place brew.Strained infusion is used as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory agent for the healing of bruises and wounds.In diseases of the gastrointestinal system it is recommended to use the tincture inside 40 drops three times a day.When intestinal spasms, angina, impotence, and should reduce the dosage to 20 drops.

Therapeutic baths

To prepare necessary to pour three liters of boiling water 200 g of dried yarrow, leave for half an hour, strain and pour into the bath water.Take these water treatments should be no longer than 15 minutes, after which it is recommended to wrap yourself terry sheet.The course of treatment is two weeks, and then from ulcers and eczema will be over.

Yarrow composed fees

Quite often leaves, grass and yarrow blossoms are part of the stomach and the mouth-watering charges, which normalizes digestion with secretory disorders of the gastric glands.In addition, the drugs have an analgesic effect, protecting the nervous system of the intestine and stomach irritation receptors.

mixture of plantain leaves and nettles, herbs centaury, hop cones, chicory roots and yarrow is used as an anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, and sedative.

Fresh leaves and inflorescence yarrow contain volatile volatile, which adversely affect the air microflora.The extract of the dry parts of the plant contains substances that kill staphylococci and streptococci.

collection of leaves and inflorescences of lemon balm, yarrow baskets, flowers motherwort and hawthorn is prescribed for neurosis, hysteria, nervous exhaustion and angina.

To resolve enuresis uses the following herbal tea: violet scented grass, baskets yarrow and lemon balm herb-drug in the ratio 2: 1: 2.Two tablespoons of this mixture pour two cups of cold water, boil 5 minutes and infuse for about an hour.Children under the age of four is recommended to take a decoction of a spoonful before meals for older children, the dosage should be increased to 70 ml.

Yarrow is very helpful in the treatment of diseases of the female reproductive organs.It helps normalize the menstrual cycle, and reduce pain in women eliminate allocation.To prepare the medication should be taken 10 g cinquefoil root and oak bark and mixed with 25 g of yarrow.Spoon collection pour a glass of boiling water for 2 hours and drink three times a day for 25 ml.


Preparations based on Yarrow is not recommended during pregnancy.The plant is also contraindicated for people suffering from thrombosis.Long reception of yarrow can cause a variety of skin rashes and frequent dizziness.