purulent plugs cause throat pain and other unpleasant sensations virtually all people who come to the doctor with a complaint against a similar ailment.Single causes of purulent congestion there. Each person, they can be individual, only an expert is able to determine the reason why the patient appeared like cork.To the expert was able to appoint the right treatment, he has to take the blood and throat swab for analysis as well as spend some more medical manipulations.Independently person can get rid of the redness and sore throat, but treatment requires slugging indispensable reference to the doctor for help.

causes of purulent plugs

As already mentioned, the causes of purulent plugs may be different, but the result of any whatsoever reason, it is often an inflammation of the tonsils.Tonsils are lymphoid tissue which protects a variety of throat infections.Inflammation of the tonsils most commonly caused by a variety of pathogens and microbes.That is why to put the correct diagnosis

can only specialist, after swabs will be taken from the laryngeal mucosa.

In young children and students very often with the appearance of congestion in the throat develop angina.It can be as follicular and lacunar, but in both cases purulent tube having a yellow or brown color substantially enshroud the entire surface of the tonsils.In the case where the doctor suspects diphtheria sore throat, raises the question of urgent hospitalization of the child, because the disease can have unpleasant consequences in the future.When diphtheria on tonsils there is a large number of purulent plaque gray, removal of which causes severe pain in the patient.An experienced doctor can recognize the disease at the first examination.

Treatment of purulent plugs

At the first appearance of congestion is necessary to begin to use the methods of getting rid of them.The earlier treatment begins the process, the better for the patient because the pus formed on the tonsils, can not get out on their own, such a state can be a serious threat to human life.In the event that there is pus in the tonsils, the physician will likely they will open with a special scalpel.After this method the patient is, as a rule, immediately relieved of his fortune.After opening tonsils physician prescribes any antibacterial agent.

addition to sore throat, cork is the cause of bad breath.A man willing to do anything to rid yourself of these unpleasant sensations.Sometimes the patient is placed in front of the question of the removal of the tonsils.This option, of course, possible, and it will save a person from purulent plugs, but the solution of any problems must be justified.Tonsillectomy is an extreme measure that should be resorted to when all other possible treatment methods are tried, but they did not bring the proper result.

man who had for a long time the discomfort of purulent plugs, may at the time of despair to go for surgery to remove the tonsils, and then bitterly poalet about this, because the amygdala perform a security function in the human body, protecting it from a variety of microbes and pathogens.Man, get rid of the tonsils in the future may face a chronic pharyngitis, which delivers nothing less hassle than purulent plugs, also quite difficult to treat.

Often there are cases when a person is faced with purulent congestion in the throat, does not apply to the experts, and self-medicate.Doing this is not recommended under any circumstances, because if the disease has reached the stage of the emergence of traffic jams, the handle alone can not be with her.Many people go so far that they are trying to squeeze out the pus home of the tonsils, scrape it from the surface with a spoon, a match or even any foreign object.Such a method will not result effective as purulent coating will be removed only from the surface layer of the tonsils and in the interior of it still remains.

To a man could get rid of the purulent plugs, treatment should be aimed at all components of chronic tonsillitis.Independent removal of pus will not bring any benefit, but rather, will only aggravate the disease, since the removal of pus, a man injures the surface of the tonsils, which leads to the difficulty of evacuation tubes.

To facilitate the general condition and get rid of the purulent plugs you can use different rinse infusions and decoctions.Bactericidal properties has beet juice.In order to make the solution of the juice, you need to take a glass of water, add a spoonful of sugar beet juice, a spoonful of lemon juice, a tablespoon of lime honey.Gargle with this solution is necessary as often as possible, preferably every hour.Using this method is very good for a discharge of pus pockets.

addition to the solution of beet juice, you can use a decoction of chamomile, sage, eucalyptus and St. John's wort, mixed in equal parts.If you get stuck in the throat purulent plugs, then fit gargling soda solution for the discharge of their best.If bee products allergy is not present, the treatment of caps can be purchased at the pharmacy aerosol, which includes propolis.So you need to spray irrigate a sore throat every day for 3 times.At a time when treatment is made, the patient should be abandoned hot and solid food, because it interferes with the natural healing of the tonsils and impedes the healing process.

In order to protect themselves from traffic congestion in the throat, a person must be engaged in the prevention of this unpleasant disease.As soon as a slight indisposition, you must use any means of antibiotic treatment.During angina can not use hot compresses, because this method is able to provoke purulent plugs.Heating the throat, first, the person creates a favorable environment for pathogenic bacteria, and secondly, by heating the throat blood vessels is greatly enhanced, and bacteria obtained an excellent opportunity to penetrate into the deeper layers of the throat.