Sinusitis - an inflammation of one or both sinuses.It is believed that a runny nose is not a disease and it is not necessary to treat.This is what can lead to species sinusitis.A lot of people suffer from a disease in which the inflammatory process in the nose.Some people get sick and others all carry disease "on their feet."

Sinusitis - is an inflammatory process that occurs in the paranasal sinuses.When sinus released muco-purulent, viscous discharge, they constantly accumulate in the nose.Or running down the throat wall and pass into a cough.Then get inflamed organs: larynx, trachea, bronchi.


  • 1 Causes of chronic sinusitis
  • 2 Symptoms of chronic sinusitis
  • 3 Treatment of chronic sinusitis

Causes of chronic sinusitis

Sinusitis occurs mainly due to not dolechennogo rhinitis, colds, or is a complication of the flu.As a rule, the beginning of the disease - a runny nose.Tibetan medicine indicates that there is an imbalance in the body occurs and thus airway

mucosal edema, mucus accumulates in them, and so there is difficulty in breathing, against this reduced immunity, painful bacteria and viruses are becoming active, that there is an inflammatory process.Sometimes the appearance of this disease can affect a side effect of a drug.

There is also a one-sided and two-sided sinusitis.At insufficient treatment of acute sinusitis, it becomes chronic.This happens in both children and adults.Children are often exposed to this disease.In children, it can develop on the background of suffering a flu or scarlet fever.The terrible disease for the children so that the child may be exposed to other diseases.

Symptoms of chronic sinusitis

main symptoms are runny nose, which is a long time does not pass, it's hard to breathe through the nose, stuffy nose, headaches that occur in the paranasal region, headaches, fever, dryin the area of ​​the throat, smelling faintly works, the body is experiencing malaise and weakness, decreased appetite and disturbed sleep.Here are the symptoms that indicate that developing this disease.Depending on the localization of the pain in different areas are following:

  • if the pain is in the forehead, this frontal
  • if the pain is in the darkness or in the depth of the head, neck, it sphenoiditis
  • in the nose - ethmoiditis.

Sometimes acute and chronic sinusitis.Acute sinusitis is an interesting character - a high fever, and muco-purulent nasal discharge.Chronic sinusitis is similar to the symptoms of acute and periodically becomes aggravated.

more rare disease of chronic sinusitis is sinusitis and sphenoiditis.

When inflammation of the frontal sinus produced severe pain in the forehead, eye pain, photophobia, the possibility of raising the temperature and externally visible swelling and edema in the forehead.Rarely, but may develop cellulitis.The most serious complication of the disease is considered severe sinusitis - when bone and periosteal tissue necrosis develops, meningitis, and abscess.

Rare - sphenoiditis, it is characterized by an inflammatory process, which goes from a trellised labyrinth on the paranasal sinuses.The features that characterize this disease - pain, in which the crown and the depth of the head.Pain in the back of the head and eye socket.And it may cause blurred vision.

In the method of hypertrophy of the mucosa, purulent allocated polyps in the nasal passage.After the X-ray examination, difo- noskopii, puncture test, only then can we put the final diagnosis.

Treatment of chronic sinusitis

With timely diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of various forms of sinusitis appears high efficiency of treatment of the disease.Eliminates not only the symptoms but also the causes and factors that cause an inflammatory process of the disease.Diagnosis shows that the disease can be cured with the help of Tibetan medicine, very often this treatment avoids surgery.This is all due to the fact that eliminating inflammation, pus from the sinuses, cleansing of the body and eliminate the cause of the inflammation.

This disease can also be formed on the background of allergic reactions.Treatment is carried out in the same method and with the Tibetan influence is already warm.There immunity restoration.The challenge is the treatment of chronic sinusitis, as sometimes the bacteria do not affect the action of the antibiotics.Assign as a treatment for anti-inflammatory drugs which have the shape of the spray that they reduce inflammation and swelling, but they have some side effects that are not desirable.

Nasal congestion eliminates warm moist air.Steam inhalation (warm steam, which forms a boiled water), it relieves symptoms.What would you do to reduce the pain of warm compresses.You can use saline nose drops.Drops and sprays definitely relieve the pain, but they can not be used for a long time.

If sinusitis developed against such diseases as asthma or an allergic reaction, in this case, are treated first cause of sinusitis.
If drug treatment is not effective, it has been used for surgical intervention.Because sinus polyps removed and the contents of the serous cavities.Children often remove adenoids, it is necessary to facilitate nasal breathing.The most modern and safe surgery - endoscopy.

Thanks to the treatment of Tibetan medicine:

  • swelling is removed and chronic inflammatory lesions removed
  • increases immunity
  • nasal breathing is restored

Today, Tibetan medicine is considered to be the best, because without the use of chemicals, this method reduces inflammation in the sinusesthe nose, the conclusion is that there is pus, relieves pain symptom.And it all happens without piercing method or surgery.All treatment is carried out with the help of herbal remedies.Thanks to this medicine occur and increase immunity.

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