sinusitis in general medicine referred to as inflammation of the paranasal sinuses - cavities located above and below the eyes.

Expert Opinion: Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the sinuses called sinusitis.Sinusitis is - an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinuses, which are located on the left and right of the nose, under the eyes, as noted by the author.

The cause of sinusitis usually gets penetration into the nasal cavity of pathogenic bacteria and germs.The number of cases of people often increases in spring and autumn, but called sinusitis seasonal disease is still wrong.One of the main reasons for its occurrence is the unfavorable ecological situation prevailing in the country, as well as the prevalence of such harmful habits like smoking.Risk factors include: the possible deformation of the nasal septum, allergies, cystic fibrosis, smoking, occupation snorkeling.

are acute and chronic sinusitis.The former can occur as a complication after suffering flu, me

asles and other infectious diseases.An additional factor in the development of sinusitis is chill on the background of a weakened immune system.Prolonged or not fully cured sinusitis may become chronic.Diagnosis of chronic sinusitis hampered by the lack of any distinct symptoms.Its main feature is considered constant nasal congestion and long, not amenable to treatment of runny nose, frequent headaches and eye pain, which can be aggravated by blinking.The main symptom of chronic sinusitis - Morning eyelid swelling and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes is an indication that the inflammation has spread already on the walls of the orbit.

diagnosis "sinusitis" can be confirmed by the presence of the following symptoms:

  • thick nasal discharge, usually yellow-green color.
  • increases during facial muscle tension pain in the sinuses.
  • headache and toothache.

For specialist advised to contact the case:

  • Runny not passed within 7 days when self-treatment.
  • body temperature reaches 38 degrees, and the general condition is deteriorating for three days.
  • There is redness around the eyes, vision deteriorates.
  • had already been postponed a similar disease.

Sinusitis - an insidious disease that can cause complications such as meningitis, inflammation of the optic nerve, bone loss around the sinuses, so it is not recommended to treat it yourself.

When sinusitis disease in order to prevent deterioration of the need to drink as much liquid as possible and be sure to quit smoking, because smoking is annoying, and thus makes vulnerable to nasal sinus infection.During his illness is not to drink alcohol.They can cause swelling of the nasal mucosa, thereby worsening the condition of the patient.Temporary relief may bring inhalation.

Before treatment, ENT physician diagnosis of the disease must be carried out, which includes: inspection or rhinoscopy, x-rays of the sinuses, taking smear to identify the presence of infectious agents.You may need to pass additional tests to identify comorbidities.After the survey specialist prescribe individual treatment.From the medical treatment of sinusitis are various sprays and drops for instillation into the nose, antibiotics, decongestants, antihistamines and painkillers.

Expert Opinion: Ill call means antiedematous.There sosudosuzhviayuschie drops, which help reduce edema and nasal congestion.

If medicines, drops and sprays on nasal congestion do not bring the proper result can be offered surgery.Any method of treatment, whether medication, draining sinus or puncture, aims to stop the inflammatory process and purification sinuses of accumulated therein pus and mucus.An important task of the doctor is to choose the most effective, but can be less traumatic treatment of the patient.At present, to eliminate sinusitis using a combination of puncture and antibiotics.Puncture or sinus puncture is performed under local anesthesia, involves the introduction into the nasal cavity swab moistened with analgesic means.A few minutes later he made a puncture with a long thick needle.After piercing the cartilage needle is inserted into the sinuses, is washing and the medicine is injected with a syringe.This procedure is effective, but very unpleasant way to combat sinusitis.Fortunately, the puncture is used only in severe cases, when there is a real threat of complications.If you perform all the medical prescriptions and rinse your nose regularly, this procedure is not required.

modern way of getting rid of sinusitis is treated with the laser.This method is painless and absolutely safe, and therefore suitable for the treatment of children.First performed drainage of the sinuses, in which mucus and pus from the sinuses is sucked by vacuum.Then the nasal cavity are desired medicaments administered.Further, the process is carried out laser itself, allowing to achieve the destruction of pathogens.This treatment method has many advantages:

  • operation is carried out without the use of surgical instruments.
  • treatment does not require the product cuts and punctures.
  • Prevents unauthorized entry of infections during procedures.
  • completely painless.
  • Allows you to effectively reduce inflammation.
  • Rapid rehabilitation after the procedure.

Any disease, including sinusitis, it is often easier to prevent than to cure.To do this, you need to observe basic rules of hygiene, wash your hands frequently to avoid breeding bacteria on them and getting infections inside the body, do not smoke or inhale the cigarette smoke, which causes swelling of the sinuses, to avoid polluted air different exhaust gases.In the treatment of sinusitis should perform all medical prescriptions, not to bring the disease to the point when you have to make a puncture.