Among the causes of infertility in women and the inability to bear a child leading position probably takes chlamydia.In any case, it is to such conclusions scientists studying the causes of miscarriage and infertility in women.

Chlamydia is a disease of an infectious nature, which is due to pathogen - an intracellular parasite or bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis Chlamydia.It is a sexually transmitted disease because it affects when and urinary tract and sexual organs.By their frequency of diagnosing chlamydia in humans even ahead of gonorrhea.This is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the land: chlamydia are among six to eight percent of adults worldwide.

Chlamydia rarely takes himself - often to the disease and join other: in women it can be ureaplasmosis or bacterial vaginosis, and trichomoniasis in men, which, however, also observed in women.

causative Chlamydia species differ in the base structural formations cell surfaces, which serve to attach the bacteria to huma

n cells.Each type of chlamydia has a drive letter, depending on the type of agent selected and features of the disease.

For chlamydia 1-3 cause the tropical disease lymphogranuloma venereum.A chlamydia D-K, we studied in detail, striking just the genitals.There are species of Chlamydia, which affects the mucous membrane of the eyes and cause trachoma.

Chlamydia quite tenacious, they are viable in the environment and in the human body multiply rapidly.The disease is transmitted mainly sexually including contact during oral and genital well.In addition, chlamydia transmitted and casual contact - through utensils, towels and washcloths, when an ordinary handshake or by kissing.For pregnant women infected with chlamydia particularly undesirable as during pregnancy can occur in utero fetal infection with chlamydia.

Symptoms of chlamydia

no symptoms, usually the first few weeks after infection.The man was infected with chlamydia, does not feel anything, the disease does not affect the quality of life.The most dangerous thing in the body of an unsuspecting person booming chlamydia, affecting more and more cells.

Next latency period into the next stage, which is usually accompanied by the first symptoms, but in a lot of cases can also be asymptomatic.

In men, symptoms of chlamydia may be separation of the vitreous nature of the urethra and urine are usually obscured in the first drop.Male chlamydia can often cause bleeding at the time of ejaculation, as well as at the end of urination.It happens that the symptoms in men also include fever, fatigue and weakness.

Women Chlamydia is characterized by the appearance of the initial stage of discharge and yellowish mucous character, which have an unpleasant odor.During urination felt a burning sensation and itching.Chlamydia often accompanied by fever, general feeling of weakness.Usually a couple of weeks if untreated symptoms disappear, but chlamydia remain in the body, by continuing to provoke disturbances in the human immune system.Gradually, infected eyes, joints and internal organs.

Asymptomatic chlamydia is much more dangerous for women, as it may gradually cause extensive inflammation of the fallopian tubes.This can cause the formation of adhesions and, as a consequence, obstruction of the fallopian tubes, and this is a sure way to female infertility.Incidentally, chlamydia is often the cause of male infertility and as well as it chlamydia often leads to one of the most unpleasant complications - to prostatitis, chronic inflammation of the prostate gland.

If chlamydia is detected in a pregnant woman, it is important to understand that the infection extends to the child - chlamydia during fetal development can cause internal organ involvement in a child developing deformities, can provoke congenital disease of the lungs and intestines, eyes and joints.

chlamydia treatment for men and women

course, chlamydia symptoms may be common to many other diseases, including venereal nature.That is why, to timely diagnose chlamydia, it is important to seek medical advice immediately, show up as soon as the selection of unknown nature.Women should be immediately examined by a cardiologist, and men - to see a urologist.In some cases, you may need advice and dermatologist.

chlamydia is diagnosed based on the patient's complaints, symptoms and laboratory diagnostic results.The patient taking smears do bakposeve and if these methods is insufficient for diagnosis, the diagnosis is conducted or DNA-PCR or immunoflyuorostsentsiya.

treatment of chlamydia - it is a long and laborious as to get rid of the bacteria is difficult data.Complicating the situation by the fact that drug chlamydia adapt quickly and easily, and therefore should strictly adhere to the doctor's recommendations concerning the admission of antimicrobials, as well as vitamins and immunomodulators.With timely and proper treatment of complex disease can be cured completely.

correct will undergo a course of treatment of chlamydia is not only the patient but also his sexual partner.After the treatment it is important to once again take the tests, and the women are screened before mensturatsii.In case of undetected infections during the second examination disease is considered cured completely.