There are two subspecies: physiological - natural for the body of women or girls absence of menstruation at a young age, during pregnancy or nursing a newborn child feeding, menopause, part of the cycle, or duringmenopause in women; pathological - manifested at the female body pathology.

Amenorrhea may be primary in when women have never had menstruation and secondary , if it still was to a certain age, are not due to the physiological amenorrhea.

known the true and false amenorrhea, moreover, they differ in that the true occurs when the female body disappear processes that contribute to the onset of menstruation, and false - it is a consequence of any obstacles that may be imperforate virgin pleura or vaginal atresia.For this reason, the blood is not able to discharge, although the process is favorable to this, in the body take place.


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Causes and symptoms

Pathologic amenorrhea is not an independent disease, it is rather a consequence, a symptom that points to any wrongdoing, the identification of which is a major problem in the treatment of this disease.Not less than 3% of women suffer from amenorrhea due to genetic, mental, and other anatomical abnormalities of the body, because of what the symptoms of the disease manifest themselves clearly: disturbed menstrual cycle, that goes to the complete absence of menstruation considerable time.These periods last for six months or more.

amenorrhea is not considered an infectious disease, although the reasons for its development are most often chronic infections.Amenorrhea can be of different origin, are distinguished by their level of destruction of the system that is responsible for the menstrual cycle and during it.It is divided into cortical, pituitary, hypothalamus, ovarian and uterine amenorrhea.Very often the cause of amenorrhea are adrenal disease or thyroid gland.

cortical origin amenorrhea - a consequence of severe stress, starvation, mental disorders.Often this is due to the overwhelming desire of women to have children, as well as schizophrenia and other diseases that affect the human psyche.Stress origin amenorrhea occurs when the level of endorphins, which inhibit the synthesis of lutropin.

Syndrome Babinski-Fröhlich called dipozogenitalnuyu dystrophy that begins its development as early as childhood and is accompanied by tumors, traumatic and infectious lesions of the hypothalamus.This is manifested in the form of giipotalamicheskogo obesity.Fat deposition typically occurs on the face, abdomen, in the breast.The syndrome is accompanied by growth retardation, is increased intracranial pressure.Headaches occur in tumor genesis and genital hypoplasia.

cause of amenorrhea may be a syndrome Mrgani-Stewart-Morel, moreover, it is a congenital disease, but appears in women in middle age.The symptoms in this case are numerous: congenital hyperostosis, sella narrowing the aperture, obesity and hypertrichosis.Not excluded headache, seizures and altered mental status of the patient.All types of amenorrhea its terrible consequences.

Progression of the disease leads to a deficiency of estrogen, which is manifested in painful sexual intercourse, tides.The most dangerous are the consequences of ischemic heart disease and osteoporosis, so prompt treatment must!

Treating amenorrhea

Identification amenorrhea occurs when a gynecological examination, the patient is also required urinalysis.Methods of treatment of this disease can be different and are individually appointed, based on the condition of the patient and the causes of disease.

First of all, despite the cause of disease prevention is important.For prevention, it is first necessary to carry the body gentle way of life, the right diet in nutrition, access to a doctor, if there is a suspicion of any deviations from the normal condition, the treatment of infectious diseases of the genital organs and brain diseases.

There are traditional methods of treatment that uses the practice of modern medicine and folk remedies that contain a lot of recipes.

Traditional Medicine.The therapeutic practice for the treatment of amenorrhea, identifying the origin of the disease, most often involves the use of medications containing female hormones and adrenocortical hormones chorionic gonadotropin and.It is used as an injection for intramuscular 500-300 units once or twice a week.There are cases when the dose is increased number of injections: every day for up to 6 weeks.Assign menopausal gonadotropin 0.01 mg, applying inward twice daily.As used mikrofollin (0.01 mg inwardly with twice daily), estradiol dipropionate (1 g / m, 20 days).Starting from 5-day menstrual cycle for 5 days, the physician recommends bedtime clomiphene (oral 50 mg once a day).

folk remedy for amenorrhea

Traditional medicine.Treatment of amenorrhea by using folk remedies involves the use of onion, red pepper, garlic, horseradish, cabbage, and other foods of plant origin.

There is a huge variety of recipes that can help in the treatment of amenorrhea.Multiple recipes are shown below.

Recipe №1

To prepare the necessary number of dried leaves of bramble (1 hr. The lodges.) And one glass of water.

Method of preparation and use is very simple: chop the dried leaves bramble, fill them with boiling water.Put the saucepan on the stove on low heat, and simmer the broth for 3-5 minutes.

Then the broth must be cool and carefully strain through cheesecloth.If you delay menstruation, taken orally.

Recipe №2

This recipe uses dried roots and leaves of marsh sedge - 1 hour 1 cup of water.

necessary to grind the dry leaves and root Calamus, pour boiling water and leave for half an hour.

Ready infusion, strain through cheesecloth or a sieve, taken orally to 2 tablespoonsthree times in the morning, afternoon and evening.